Zambia Daily mail goes interactive but blocks Anti-PF govt comments

THE Zambia Daily Mail website has gone interactive and management has encouraged its readers not to only comment on the stories of the day but seize the opportunity to advertise on the new look page.
Management also promised that this is not the end to the reworking of the website as more features will be added.
Following its launch of a Facebook andTwitter account, the Daily Mail is now taking advantage of advances in internet and mobile technology to build a more interactive website, to allow the public access and contribute to the news and development agenda.
Daily Mail deputy managing director Anthony Mukwita said: “This is just another improvement to the Daily Mail package. We have already received congratulatory messages from the United Kingdom and South Africa on the interactive component of the new site and we are confident that once the new site is launched, it will herald a new benchmark newspaper presence in social media.”
Mr Mukwita added that with the newspaper’s increased circulation and Zambia’s growing economy, the modernisation of the website would provide opportunities for the public to promote their business and social activities for mutual benefit.
Future plans include the launch of the redesigned website that will boast a commercial section and electronic version of the newspaper publication, as well as audio and video sections.

Go to the Daily Mail website here and see if you can pass a comment that does not praise government.


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