Zambia deports Catholic priest for preaching about poverty

Zambia deports Catholic priest for preaching about poverty

Edgar Lungu (left)

The  Zambia government has deported a Rwandese priest based at Lundazi Parish Fr.Viateur Banyangandora aged 40 for preaching about poverty in Zambia

Minister of Home Affairs, Edgar Lungu has confirmed the deportation of Fr. Banyangandora but could not divulge the reasons. He only said the the priest has been deported for violating the laws of Zambia.

“Fr. Banyangandora’s conduct was found to be a danger to peace and good order in Zambia contrary to Section 39(2) of the Immigration and Deportation Act, No. 18 of 2010.” Lungu said

Lungu  confirmed  that the priest was picked and brought to Lusaka on Monday by security for interviews. He claimed   Fr. Banyangandora was deported to Rwanda on Wednesday. But Watchdog sources say the priest was deported Thursday evening.

Lungu said that Fr. Banyangandora was a holder of Employment Permit No. 008955 issued on 27th November, 2006 when he entered the country but could not still say why he was being sent away when he was in Zambia legally.

Fr.Viateur Banyangandora was picked by the police on Monday after he gave a sermon about poverty in Zambia on Sunday at the Lundazi Boma Parish.

According to people at his church, the priest last Sunday preached about the gap between the poor and the rich, saying the rich are getting richer while poor are getting poorer.

In his sermon, Fr. Banyangandora questioned why the PF government was not buying cotton in Lundazi making peasant farmers to lose  out.

But the OP officers who were attending church as a routine operation reported the matter to their superiors in Chipata that the priest who encouraged his members in 2011 to vote for PF has turned against the PF now.

Police officers were then sent to Chipata to go and pick him up for questioning.

He was first interrogated by Lundazi District Commissioner before being taken away by the police.


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