Zambia deports Professor Lumumba

Zambia deports Professor Lumumba

BREAKING NEWS: Zambia deports Professor Lumumba

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Kenyan activist Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has been stopped from entering Zambia.

Professor Lumumba has been stopped by police officers and immigration officers after alighting from KQ706 that arrived at Kenneth International Airport at midday.

The Kenyan famous for his political activism and criticism of African was leadership was expected to conduct a lecture on Chinese investment at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka this evening.

He has since been put back on the plane

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    Philip Ochola 2 weeks ago

    Is it true that Zambia is the first Chinese colony in Africa? If that is the case then Lungu had legitimate concerns that PLO was going to pluck off his feathers without boiling him….in the open….at day time!

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    Amakays 2 weeks ago

    The current Zambian Leaders’s mode òf thinking is 50 years backwards. Where on Earth would you find find a Leader who denies other Intellectuals to share the views of other Intellectuals? This is utter stupidity on the part of a Zambian Leader. That act alone shows the Intellectual bankruptcy of Mr Lungu as a President.

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    GIFT MUKUNI 2 weeks ago


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    abilima 2 weeks ago

    Messy – Yes, but you can also not make this a place for any charlatan to come and play their silly games. There are limits to anything. Just demand that the government is fair in decisions of this nature. Lumumba is a critic of Chinese investment in Africa, and the whole world through people like you are talking about how Zambia is being recolonized. So, Prof Lumumba’s talk was going to have the potential of even inciting violence against the Chinese in this country – and I am not a fun of the behavior of some Chinese in this country.

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    Blago 2 weeks ago

    Corrupt and incompetent leaders are always insecure.

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    By Top Secret.
    President Edgar Lungu has stated that Professor Plo Lumumba of Kenya was deported from Zambia in line with the laws.

    And President Lungu says no one will be allowed to speak ill of the Chinese investment in Zambia.

    The President was speaking in an exclusive interview with Top Secret’s State House correspondent Chomba 

    And President Edgar Lungu adds that Lumumba’s entry into Zambia proved as a security risk as he was going to talk about and against the Chinese alleged colonisation of Africa.

    “We have laws and this is our country and I decide which country to dine with just like I can decide who my Ministers must allow entry, you cannot come and start talking about those investing in my country,” said President Edgar  Lungu

    The Kenyan renowned professor was yesterday sent back home and was not even allowed to even step foot on the Zambian soil by the government authorities.

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    Basho 3 weeks ago

    This is unacceptable, we are not in police state where even ideas, thinking have to be controlled. Even in Kaundas time we didn’t see such repression. This country was a refuge for people running away from repressive regimes but alas now we are the hallmark of repression.What is the government scared of and what message are they portraying to the outside world.  
    For the people who organized the aborted presentation please arrange for a video or Skype conference for the Prof to air his views.

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    PLEASE HELP PUT . To the Ministry of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs please be informed that Justin Wilfred Nzunda Simbeye fomerly known as Jestine Simbeye has been using a illegal organization called Lay Witnesses to get money from people on FALSE pretense that he will get them American visas and after getting money from them he goes in hiding . When he went to the US he was given a lot of interns and money to deliver to us , he still did the something of going into hiding, to date he has not handed over the item to our relatives and he has gone into hiding. In passed when we call him he used us that he was still in the US, and yet he his still in Zambia . We are now told the man is hiding in Kafue. Some PEOPLE have seen him hiding in Bauleni in the evening . Please help us to get our money and items from this crook . He also been getting money from school children during sports calendar cheating them that he will get them scholarships to the US. We further appeal to authority to move in a arrest this crook

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    FuManchu 3 weeks ago

    The only reason the professor has not been allowed into the country is because after the arrest of HH resulting from the Mongu road fiasco, the professor in a lecture said “There is need for hygiene in Zambia.”

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    Goodson 3 weeks ago

    Zambia being a Christian nation, I could have hoped that the national leadership found his professor Lumumba’s offense and told it to him before blocking his entry. Like this we Zambians who move alot will be facing rejection in other countries. This is not good for me, not good for our children and not Zambian.

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    Prince 3 weeks ago

    Chinese nationals who are poachers, those who want to have mercenaries on our soil, criminals who send to death our citizens, and those who rob innocent citizens with their flashy phones are the ones who deserve deportations back to China.

    PIG Kanganjia and the Police system had the audacity to recruit Chinese nationals as “Reserve Police Officers”. What a criminal offense Kangania committed! I was told by a Chinese lady seated next to me on our Zim flight from Beijing to Harare about how bad Chinese nationals are. It shocked me as it was coming from a fellow Chinese national. 

    Now these are the heartless kind of people we have brought into our country and whom we are protecting by deporting our genuine learned brothers and sisters from our African soil. What a shame!

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    Mbomba Mwibala 3 weeks ago

    How can you ask what message PF is sending?They have no message,their preoccupation is looting and protecting the loot

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    Messy 3 weeks ago

    A dancer from RSA. was deported, Tendai Biti was denied entry which amounted to a deportation. Hey let’s put a stop to this! Is this not dictatorship? If foreign nationals can be treated like that then those of us with dissenting views within the country are arrested at their discretion for no good reason,, (Pilato, Laura, lone protestors etc), imprisoned, our emails and phones tempered with. We even claim to be 54 years independent! What a disgrace! 

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    Nshibomba Mwibala 3 weeks ago

    And the drunk is delusional enough to think that Zambians will only appreciate him when he leaves office! Very funny! Not funny ha ha but funny pathetic. Lord make my day and end this charlatan’s strangulation of our noble eagle in the sky.

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    THE PRINCE 3 weeks ago

    Lungu is a fool, who does that?? the man is not even a politician. these greedy leaders can sale their people for money.

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    Enigma 3 weeks ago

    Noble citizens who bought tickets must not claim refunds as a way of showing solidarity with Eden University and sending a strong signal to dimwits that intelligent Zambians are not averse to intellectual debate.

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    Ramso 3 weeks ago

    Our President  made a good speech in New York this week where he said the World must focus on human dignity.. What dignity is there in deporting people from the Zambian soil who have no criminal records in the world?

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    sipinya sa ng'aka 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know why you guys are complaining, what did you expect from kaponyas? This was expected even by lumumba himself unless he is dumb. If he had been allowed in now that would have been something out of the ordinary! 

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    Shilungafye 3 weeks ago

    Melania Trump visits Africa next week and guess what? Zambia is not on the list, despite pronouncements that we are a democratic state and many appreciating what Zambia has achieved. The first lady leaves Monday on a weeklong trip to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt, 

    Stories of deporting reknown world citizens do not sit well in most developed and democratic states. We simply have a bad record. There is urgent need to stop this trend. Power needs to be handled carefully and deporting Professor Lumumba and Mmusi Maimane is being unpatriotic to our nation’s well being with other countries in the World.

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      My friends Hillary Clinton came to Zambia,did she vist all African countries.These people only visit countries where they have interest to protect.Even if she is going there to promote homosexuality you want her to come to Zambia.Guys umungulu tuleke.Bushe kuyayayafye.She has an itinerary

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    That’s lungu who feel critics are a direct attack on him and his government. I hope all cooperating partners can with hold funding his corrupt leadership. His really a shame on all of us this country’s citizen.

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    ZAMPOTO 3 weeks ago

    What a SHAME!!! A well RESPECTED Professor treated like this??
    Protecting China???

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    Opusaadabwa 3 weeks ago

    We  knew that professor Lumumba was coming and should have stopped the process in the beginning and not wait until he is at our airport. As a Zambian I feel embarrassed given the fact that not long ago, DA leader Mmusi Maimane  was also deported at our airport. What message is Zambia sending to the World? Do we really have democracy alive?