Zambia Detains 700 Somali Refugees

Witnesses in Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka on Sunday said that at least 700 Somali refugees were taken in to custody by Zambian security forces.

“Hundreds of Somali refugees in Zambia were called and told they would be given ID Cards by the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees.”Madino Mohammed Nur, a Somali refugee woman in Zambia continued on to say that they were astonished and shocked when they saw a lot of heavily armed Zambian security forces who began to face seizure protocols the refuge UNHCR’s office entrance.

Somalia has not had any functioning central rule for more than 19 years since the onset of its civil war. The ongoing battled has resulted in more than a million Somalis to flee from their homes while hundreds of thousands died of diseases, famine hunger and cross fire.

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