Zambia’ s envoy to Sweden insults Writer for question his book

img_1419A raging online war of words has broken out between playboy Antony Mukwita who wrote some hogwash on Edgar Lungu entitled *”Against All Odds”* and renowned newspaper columnist, Laura Miti.

Laura criticised Anthony Mukwita’s book and doubted the neutrality of the book owing to his proximity to Lungu and especially that he serves as Deputy Ambassador to Sweden in Lungu government.

This sparked a tirade from Mukwita and another piece attributed to his wife, Nalukui berating Laura.

Below are the three pieces that form the war of words between the two.

*Laura Miti Wrote* original piece on Tony’s book as published by the Voice Newspaper: As Published in *The Voice* and her Facebook page..

“On Sunday, Anthony Mukwita, Zambia’s Ambassador to Sweden was on ZNBC’s Sunday interview promoting his biography on President Lungu. As everybody should know by now, it is entitled *“Against all Odds.”*”

“As related to interviewer Grevasio Zulu, an autobiography on this President merits that title because candidate Edgar’s rise to office was the most unlikely in living memory”.

“As Anthony tells it, this President just about walked barefoot on red hot coals, and then through a den of hungry lions, before swimming across a crocodile infested river to get to State House”.

“Anthony says not even Kenneth Kaunda, who battled colonialists, had it as hard as Edgar (I swear he does.)”

“Actually, if Anthony is to be believed, as part of his trials, Edgar Lungu was in the belly of the fish with Jonah for 3 days before he became President”.

“Anyway, as I see it, President Lungu should gag Anthony”.

“His juvenile spin does not at all build the President”.

“It is embarrassing not only to him, but to the whole nation”.

“We all have to live knowing some of the worst bootlicking twaddle ever written is out there masquerading as a biography of the Zambian President”.

“The world will think we are all like Anthony’s book – brain dead”.

*Mukwita responded*

“Ms Miti please confirm if this is your rightful email address”.

“If it is I would like to re-affirm what I did last time”.

“I told you that it is not logical or even wise to condemn a book you have not read and in the process attack the person and the character in the book just because you have personal contempt for them”.

“The reason for your personal contempt on me and or the main character in the book, a serving head of state are unknown and I don’t want to know them”.

“I am telling you now like I told you before, I seek not praise or commendation.”

“I only ask you to read the book before you can condemn it before you go on a limb to condemn it and mostly my persona. You are not perfect Ms Miti”.

“I dont know how fresh the memories of your spectacular stay in Grahamstown are?”

“Needless to say you did not make too many friends there I suppose and aren’t so much missed, your son etc”.

“My request is that you think very deeply before you make your next move after already having admitted on record that you maliciously posted a review on a book you never read on 6th January”.

“You latest posts must also come down today. You stop telling lies about me and my book, I will stop telling the truth about you”.

“You can reproduce this on your wall if you like. *AM*.”

Mrs. Mukwita also joined in the defence

“Hi Laura
Why are you so obsessed with my husband?”

“Clearly apart from hateful, jealous and even down right contemptuous remarks deeply rooted in a character of a person who loathes themselves for either being either ugly, barren or having failed in life, You must tone down”.

“Laura you will never be Tony no matter how hard you try”.

“You will never write a book even based on your clearly failed miserable life”.

“Your hate for yourself due to your failed life is consuming you and eating you alive”.

“If you don’t like Tony’s book, don’t buy it. You and your friends can sit at some lounge and grovel about how harsh life has been on you all day”.

“It’s not Tony’s fault that your life turned out so well ????Living alone”.

“The more you stoke the fire, the higher the sales will go for his book”.

“Tony will grab additional sale numbers while you will still remain the same day in day out. Alone and self-loathing”.

“You are beginning to look like a contemptuous miserable jilted woman aging faster than her age”.

“Your life somehow terribly went wrong and now you want to find relevance by riding on Tony’s back through negativity. Seek attention”.

“Get a life old ugly cow”!

*Against All Odds* a book written by Anthony Mukwita on Lungu.

Despite spending huge sums of government resources trying to promote the book, only 4 copies have been sold on eBay so far. This is probably why Mukwita is very sensitive to anyone criticising his book.

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