Zambia facing biggest trial of its 50 years

By Bishop Simon Chihana
Its 25 years of Democratic governance is at test in under the leadership of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The unruly behavior of the cadres is extremely unbecoming and demands to be stopped without delay and without fail, otherwise it shall turn into a culture of violence.
This escalating violence can only be blamed on Mr Lungu the President of Zambia, who has turned the instruments of power into instruments of oppression, intimidation, suppression and vindictiveness of the opposition and the innocent Zambian people.
He is using the arms of security for misdirected targets. I want to personally advice and warn President Lungu, that the arms of security are only friends to the system and not to individuals and that whatever he is doing now through whosoever, they shall be the same people to report and testify against him.
This violencegate must be closed, locked and the keys thrown away into the ocean of forgetfulness.
Otherwise Zambia is reaching a level of where the police are becoming irrelevant to the public and the public are now taking the law into their own hands as to defend themselves from both the unruly violent cadres and the misdirected cadre minded police men and women.
President Lungu has taken advantage of massive jobless young people and is using them as tools of violence and the police in like manner because they fear to fired and end up stranded on the streets.
Zambians can only bring back sanity, peace, unity and tranquility in our nation through the ballot. Let the secret ballot speak, Zambia may maintain its position as one of the most friendly, peaceful and stable states in the world.
From Bishop Simon Chihana
IFCC President

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