Zambia forces Malawi High Commission out of its building in Tanzania

Zambia forces Malawi High Commission out of its building in Tanzania

President Kikwete of Tanzania signing a book of condolences for the late Chiluba at the Zambian mission in Tanzania.

The tension between Zambia and Malawi has escalated with the the Malawian government moving its High Commission from the Zambian premises in Tanzania after Zambia hiked rent.

The High Commissions of the two countries have been sharing an office block with Malawi renting to Zambia since the building is owned by the Zambia government.

But a few weeks ago, Zambia raised the rent by more than 200 per cent forcing Malawi to move out.

Malawi’s Principal Secretary in the ministry of foreign Affairs Patrick Kabambe confirmed the development to Malawian media saying with the increase in the rentals they had no choice but to move out of the building.

The building is along Ohio Street in the city centre.

A Zambian diplomat in n Dar-es-Salam said “Malawi will now operate from an office near Rose Garden area in Mikocheni, but its former offices on two floors are still vacant.”

President Michael Sata recalled High Commissioner to Malawi Reuben Musakabantu, with immediate effect and has not sent a replacement.

The tension between the two friendly countries started after Sata won the elections in Zambia and remembered that he was ejected from Malawi in 2007.

He declined to attend a COMESA meeting in Malawi but demanded an apology from the eastern neighbour.

Sata also offered a prohibited TV station in that country rights to beam into Malawi from Zambia.



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