Zambia gives Zim company $5m coal deal

This what has remained of the Maamba coal mine

This what has remained of the Maamba coal mine

Zimbabwe’s main coal producer Hwange Colliery Company said Tuesday it had won a contract to supply US$5 million worth of the commodity to Zambia.

This is despite Zambia having a coal mine at Maamba in southern province not very far from Zimbabwe.

An official of the Hwange Colliery Company  said the deal was struck recently at an International Trade Fair in the Zambian city of Ndola.

He said shipments to Zambia would start immediately, and prospects were bright f or further supply deals beyond the current contract.

Hwange Colliery Company, which is listed on the Zimbabwe and Johannesburg stock exchanges, is the country’s biggest coal producer and exports to a number of countries.

It has coal reserves running into billions of tonnes.

Mamba coal mine has largelyt been neglected by government apart from pronouncements that it is looking for an investor

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