Zambia has crushed

Dear Editor
Kindly hide my id as I work in the public sector.
I am, just like so many other Zambians, very disgusted and sickened to see how loafers, drunkards, hooligans, thieves, plunderers and other good-for-nothing characters have taken over this country. They have managed to silence the intellectuals, elders, mature people, parents and other people of high standing in our society. None of these people dare say anything to these characters for fear of unpalatables, injury or even death. Who is now left to control these individuals and ensure sanity in our country? The judiciary? In the midst of this lawlessness which has now become the new law of Zambia, the judiciary is supposed to be the protector of the moral fibre and justice of the country but alas the charade of the Concourt has sent shivers into all well-meaning Zambians. The judiciary has abandoned the poor Zambian people. What a shame! So what is their role now?
The judiciary is supposed to be the custodian of the law in the country. This law (constitution) has been shredded to pieces with impunity since August 11 and the judiciary is watching! Are we serious as a country? Where do we run to to get justice as a people who are now reduced to hopeless and helpless individuals? There is a correlation between the level of justice in a country and its development: the higher the justice the higher the development and prosperity of a country. That is why the USA and Europe are highly developed and Africa is the poorest continent on Earth! We have wasted a lot of time due to the mess which has been created firstly by the ECZ, the Concourt and the judiciary. The total disregard of the constitution by these three bodies has not only injured the UPND but Zambia as a whole. Zambia is the loser. If the constitution had been upheld, protected and safeguarded by these three bodies, the election would not have been stolen in broad daylight from the UPND! It is not the UPND which has lost but Zambia as a whole!
But now thanks to these three bodies we have brought on ourselves a dictatorship and from now onwards whatever happens shall be due to these three bodies. If some people got pecuniary rewards, they should know that they shall not enjoy those “thirty pieces of silver”. Lawlessness does not only consume the victims but also the perpetrators, everyone is sucked in! Jimmy Cliff once sung: “Money wont save you, no-no-no; money wont save you, nonononono!” We shall all end up losers. How sad to see a country which was once a haven of peace being reduced to this hell all because of the greed and selfishness of a few individuals. Zambia deserves better, not a full-blown dictatorship and a failed-state status. The judiciary can still save our country by fully upholding the law of our country. This is my earnest plea to the Zambian judiciary. It is not yet too late for you to do the right thing. The fight to save Zambia should not be left to the UPND, HH and GBM alone. It is too heavy! God Almighty in heaven save our country Zambia.

“Zambia, My Zambia”


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