Zambia has slowest internet speed in the World

Zambia has been ranked last for its broadband speed in the annual Net Index, as per the reports from broadband metrics group, Ookla.
Zambia has an average speed of just 254kbps, a speed which is 100 times slower than South Korea.

It is followed by Yemen then Zimbabwe in terms of worthlessness. See the ranking here:
These finding further hints that South Korea have the fastest broadband in the world, which is followed by Latvia, Moldova, Japan and Sweden.
United Kingdom stands 33rd.
These rankings were based on 1.5 billion surfers who had used Ookla’s connection-testing utilities.
UK clocks an average speed of 7.73Mbps which is nearly five times slower than South Korea, and only 0.04Mbps faster than world’s average of 7.69Mbps.

US is also termed slow clocking an average broadband speed of 10.16 Mbps.
This index lists out all the towns and cities in each country who claim the maximum and the least speeds.

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