Zambia in crisis – Council of Churches

COUNCIL of Churches in Zambia general secretary Reverend Suzanne Matale says Zambia is in a crisis.

Speaking at a conference under the theme ‘Growing a heart for the nation’ at St Peter’s Anglican Church on Sunday, Rev Matale said those in leadership positions were not concerned about the plight of Zambians while the church was too asleep to speak for the people.

“Inequalities are growing every day because those people who have heard the Word and been taught by the scriptures sit in church every Sunday but are not wearing the Word around their necks. So corruption continues unabated.

Self-serving is the order of the day and greed, in a nation like ours, is what is killing our vision,” Rev Matale said.

“I know some of us don’t like to hear such messages but too bad. I am going to say it anyway. Usually we don’t want to hear this but somebody has to say it even at the cost of being ridiculed. We are filling up churches every day but corruption also continues. It means we have no concern for our nation.”

Rev Matale said the majority of Christians in Zambia were equally not concerned about the plight of the nation.

“Our own country here, we are in a state of crisis. People are going to lose many jobs because we are not focused. We do not do as the Lord requires us to do,” Rev Matale said.

“We can accumulate as much knowledge as we want; PhDs, Master’s degrees, but how have those degrees helped the nation? That is purely knowledge without wisdom. When we are talking about the concerns of the nation, we are talking about me, we are talking about you and your children and your family because we talk about the nation.”
She said Zambians must have a collective vision of where they want to be.

“It takes conversation. Let us get out of cocoons and talk about these things and what is wrong in our nation. You are a Christian but you live in this world where political decisions are affecting us, where poverty is affecting all of us,” Rev Matale said. “We want higher goals for better hospitals. Aren’t you tired Zambians of queueing up at hospitals for two days? Zambians, do you share the pain of our country? It is you and I who have the responsibility in this country. We must offer solutions to this country. Sometimes I don’t get the impression that we Zambians share concerns about our nation. I don’t see it. We are too timid as Zambians. We are too timid and afraid, but we should not be afraid and lose our confidence.”
Rev Matale said it was sad that the Church was sleeping.

“Somebody wrote in the newspaper that the Church is sleeping, and I agree that the Church is sleeping. If the Church was not sleeping, we would not be where we are,” said Rev Matale.

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