Zambia in political crisis due to failed PF leadership- Chimbaka

Former Luapula Province minister in the Rupiah Banda administration Besa Chimbaka says Zambia is in a political crisis because the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Michael Sata have completely shattered hopes of the people by failing to provide leadership.

Mr. Chimbaka has predicted that United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema would be the next president because Zambians are resolved to change the leadership of the country after being cheated by the PF.

Mr Chimbaka who is former Bahati PF member of Parliament said there was a growing discontent among Zambians in the manner Zambia was being government and that most were looking up to Mr Hichilema as the alternative to the leadership crisis the country was experiencing.

Mr. Chimbaka said according to his assessment, the people of Luapula and Northen Province were embarrassed that President Sata had become the worst leader Zambia has ever had after having made mega promises most of which had turned out to be lies.

Mr. Chimbaka told the Daily Nation that the people of Luapula and NorthenProvinmce were not looking at tribe in searching for genuine and quality leadership and that Mr. Hichilema was striking the code among most Zambians across the country.

He stated that the country’s economy had started bleeding in the hands of the PF and that Zambians were looking beyond tribe in their quest to right the wrongs the PF had made in the last two and half years they had been in government.

The former Luapula Province Minister said Zambians were scared that with the rule of law being ignored by the PF and the misapplication of the Pubic Order Act, Zambia were deeply worried that Zambia could easily slide back to the dreaded days of the one party state.

Mr.Chimbaka said PF leaders who were using tribe to malign the UPND and its leadership were practicing primitive politics because Zambia despite having more tribes in Africa than any other country had remained united under the motto One Zambia One Nation.

He advised that Zambians should reject politicians sowing seeds of hatred by disparaging other tribes adding that he had personally embarked on a progrmme to denounce leaders whose messages were divisive.

“There is no doubt that Zambians are regretting having wasted their votes on President Sata and the PF. This is the first time that we are being government by a leader who does not communicate with citizens. As a country, we do not know which direction we are going because we do not hear any policy statements from the President and his government. We have been waiting to hear from the President on many things affecting the country and how they can be addressed but there is nothing.

The people of Luapula and Northen Provinces have now turned to UPND and Mr. Hichilema as their hope and we believe he is going to be the next president,” Mr. Chimbaka said.

He said the poor governance by the PF was affecting all Zambians irrespective of their political affiliation and that was why it had become important to change the leadership.

Mr. Chimbaka said the UPND was the only political party that was capable from continuing from where former President Banda left.

He said President Banda worked hard to stop the country’s economy to slide into a coma during the global economic meltdown but that President Sata and his PF had destroyed every economic fabric because of their get quick syndrome.

“The solution to the current economic malaise that the PF has created lies in the UPND which has a visionary, vibrant and committed leadership. During the global economic crisis president Banda worked very hard to avoid the meltdown. The PF just came to destroy and they must be stopped,” Mr. Chimbaka said.

Courtesy: Daily Nation

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