Zambia: infamous quotes of 2019

Zambia: infamous quotes of 2019

1. Inonge Wina – We haven’t bought a presidential jet, it is ZAF which has bought. It is mandated to buy a jet for VVIPs like the president.

2. Dora Siliya – We haven’t sold Zaffico we are just selling its shares

3. Amos Chanda – No donor funds have been emmbezzled, the money is just sitting in Zanaco (whilst other poor people have not been paid.)

4. Margaret Mwanakatwe – All projects below 80% completion wont be funded, except for chinese financed projects (Which are the bulk of all projects)

5. David Mabumba – we have suspended the exams due to rampant leakages and will issue the same exams because we hope those with leaked papers will have forgotten the answers by then.

6. Given Lubinda – As PF we promised to revise the public order act, but we are waiting for opposition to make submissions.

7. Jean Kapata – the figure that China reported for mukula imported from Zambia is higher than what we recorded as exports because you have to believe me. I am telling you the correct figure.

8. Steven Kampyongo – the riots in Kitwe were caused by misinformation by HH but we are not going to interfere with investigations.

9. Dora Siliya – we haven’t sold ZNBC we have just handed over the assets to Topstar which is controlled by China through Hantex.

10. Nkandu Luo – We have banned all students union who used to represent student interests and replaced them with the guild model, which will be made up of students who will represent student interests.

11. Ronald Chitotela – The tollgate is worth US$4.3 million because it has sophisticated equipment like computers, servers and a shelter.

12. Godfridah Sumaili – It is a national day of prayer but the Muslims can’t come. There will be confusion if they come.

13. Vincent Mwale – The fire tenders are so sophisticated that they are worth US$1million but insured at US$250K

14. Edgar Lungu – Zambia is a christian nation and the church should pray for us, but I don’t want them to lead the dialogue process.

15. Bishop Ed Chomba – This newly built flyover bridge on Alick Nkhata road lacks the basic minimum standards of a bridge, it’s a death trap and therefore it must be demolished.

16. Charles Banda – The statement made by Bishop Chomba was not a Ministerial statement or Government Position on the bridge, and that his Ministry has not found any reason why the Bridge should be demolished.

17. Dora Siliya – ZNBC is the most popular Television Station in Zambia.

18. Inonge Wina – Cannabis still Remains illegal in Zambia.

19. Inonge Wina – It’s not all Zambian Mukula that China imports from Zambia.

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