Zambia is a confirmed failed state, says senior judge

Zambia is a confirmed failed state, says senior judge

” We are in big problems. Evil has taken over Righteousness,” a Senior judge has lamented. Commenting on the banning of one of Hakainde Hichilema’s Lawyers from entering court premises by Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Charles Kafunda, a Supreme Court Justice says Zambia is now a confirmed failed State because there is no longer separation of powers.

” First of all I would like to state that for sometime I did not like the Zambian Watchdog but today I have to confess. You just have to do what you are doing. The end justifies the means. We are in trouble,” the source said. The source wondered how Gilbert Phiri who has been banned by Chief Registrar Charles Kafunda in behalf of Ireen Mambilima would seek legal recourse from the same judiciary.

” There are two issues here. Number one; if Mr. Phiri wants to sue for his banning from representing his client where will he go? Secondly how does the Registrar instruct the Law Association of Zambia to discipline the lawyer for allegedly writing stories on social media. He is not yet guilty he has to be heard before being disciplined. Is this country really being led by a Lawyer? And how can the CJ (Chief Justice) allow this?” the source asked.

The source said the judiciary is now extremely polarised under PF. ‘We now have a polarised judiciary and Legal system. We have PF inclined Judges and lawyers on one side and Non PF aligned Judges and Lawyers. It is a shame,” the judge said.

Chief Registrar of the High Court Charles Kafunda has written to the Law Association of Zambia instructing LAZ to discipline Lawyer Gilbert Phiri for what he calls commenting on a case.

Editor’s note. Gilbert Phiri is free to comment on the case since court proceedings have not started. Secondly we shall publish a story on who Charles Kafunda is and his role in the murder of Sajid Itowala and his links to murder convict Mathew Mohan. He is a criminal in robes.

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