Zambia is a confirmed failed state, says senior judge

” We are in big problems. Evil has taken over Righteousness,” a Senior judge has lamented. Commenting on the banning of one of Hakainde Hichilema’s Lawyers from entering court premises by Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Charles Kafunda, a Supreme Court Justice says Zambia is now a confirmed failed State because there is no longer separation of powers.

” First of all I would like to state that for sometime I did not like the Zambian Watchdog but today I have to confess. You just have to do what you are doing. The end justifies the means. We are in trouble,” the source said. The source wondered how Gilbert Phiri who has been banned by Chief Registrar Charles Kafunda in behalf of Ireen Mambilima would seek legal recourse from the same judiciary.

” There are two issues here. Number one; if Mr. Phiri wants to sue for his banning from representing his client where will he go? Secondly how does the Registrar instruct the Law Association of Zambia to discipline the lawyer for allegedly writing stories on social media. He is not yet guilty he has to be heard before being disciplined. Is this country really being led by a Lawyer? And how can the CJ (Chief Justice) allow this?” the source asked.

The source said the judiciary is now extremely polarised under PF. ‘We now have a polarised judiciary and Legal system. We have PF inclined Judges and lawyers on one side and Non PF aligned Judges and Lawyers. It is a shame,” the judge said.

Chief Registrar of the High Court Charles Kafunda has written to the Law Association of Zambia instructing LAZ to discipline Lawyer Gilbert Phiri for what he calls commenting on a case.

Editor’s note. Gilbert Phiri is free to comment on the case since court proceedings have not started. Secondly we shall publish a story on who Charles Kafunda is and his role in the murder of Sajid Itowala and his links to murder convict Mathew Mohan. He is a criminal in robes.


  • We have so many charges in Zambia. So many comments on cases winch are in courts.y don’t we give judiciary time before we conclude.God is God of Justice. Whatever we do on others Will be done to us remember.

  • Rambo che kikikikikkikiki

  • u wil regrat guyz

  • ummmmmmmmm a failed State for Real, Lungu and his Team!

  • Right is might!

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    Mutwale chomba 6 months

    I thought Patricia Scotland. Said it clearly that they should be a separation of judicially and government, do we need to call upon. Baroness Scotland to come and teach us how cases in court should be handed. Kwena kuliubupa ku zambia stating from himself president who is a lawyer but does not understand issues very well. Zambia is been ruled by donkeys now.

  • They have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that its councel Gilbert Phiri who wrote the commenteries. What if some one impersonated him…we want to see who wrote? Becoz we know GP is a fathom Soldier in Law hence the Little boys in law are afraid of him & want to scanalise him. So please lets the show begin no excuses

  • the judiciary is the custodian of peace, laws must be respected and fair administration of justice will preserve this nation ,judges should uphold the law without fear ,zambian recognise government because of laws ,we have countries people have rejected laws they are ungovernable in somaliland . zambians wake up reject corrupt interference to judiciary.

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  • ZWD , does Hon. Kafunda belong to the executive. If you are saying Zambia is a failed state because of bla bla bla reasons , what kind of state is it after the same judiciary acquitted mwaliteta whose matter was more breath-taking than the banning of counsel phiri ?

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      siame 6 months

      Enos you suffer from myopia.Don’t defend the injustices. Think of your children and grand children and be objective in your analysis.Mwaliteta was arrested last year,and only to be acquitted this year.Is this what you call Justice? the answer is no.The constitution confines the authority of the state. It lays down certain barriers and these barriers are not to be crossed by the state while using it’s authority. At the moment, the guardian of the constitution: The judiciary is in a moriband state because of interference from an invisible hand. As a result:The Judiciary is NOT free from the influence of the executive, therefore, the safeguard and security of fundamental rights, constitution and liberty is NOT possible: Rule of law;in the eyes of law all are equal and are all liable to be punished if they commit crime,and no person will be punished or kept in custody for a long time until and unless his crime is proved.How long has HH and others been in custody? SOS.

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  • never ,people may fail not the state

  • Can’t wait for the revelations (murder?)which we don’t know

  • even an idiot will argue that is intellegent because that is what has occupied his mind,so a failed State is in every mind of anyone who is occupied with that, you don’t need to start campaigning regardless of who you think you are telling people that they can see they’ll see for themselves and join you when their mind is occupied with that.

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    Allie Lungu 6 months

    Kelvin Kafanda
    Please write something sense. Do you know law and understand it?

  • Ati Chidunune ichifuti boyi….!

  • None fuction judiciary is a syptom of a failed state!!

  • No separation of powers when you have allowed Madam Scotland to help HH. That is purely interfering with the Judiciary. Those are instructions left by that survivor to HH no cameras so that he can be acquitted without record. Just recent you were celebrating her coming. How many people are languishing in jails who are innocent without the commonwealth say a word. You have let your masters to interfere which you ba watchdog were celebrating.

  • one wonders what these guys are afaid of.if the case is geninune,why the panic or its that someone out there has a long stick

  • I thought your said failed upnd party which has been no quality leader

  • But what were you waiting for to spill the beans on Charles.why wait till you think he has crossed path with your god?This your syndrome of if “one is not with us then he is against us” is making you lose relevance by the day!!!why cant you be mature enough to stomach criticism,loss and divergent views?ndye maturity bane not ati every time a decision is made against your party ninshi you start barking kuti,no I I will reveal ABCD about chitechi.That’s being childish bwana editor!if you have credible data about Charles why not walk to your nearest police and report?it’s you who are cowards,operations in space busy defaming people whose views you believe are at variance with you!!!Destroying innocent lives when you know that you can never substantiate an iota of any of your false claims.As for us as a family,we shall put our trust and hope in God.These cheap unsubstantiated allegations against this man you today call a drunkard cadre have not started today.He has been through much more.I just want to make clear in no uncertain terms without insults,that we the ones you consider against your interests shall not succumb to your insults.if you guys are not happy with decisions made by officers of the court,why resort to personalities instead of dialogue with them.?and lastly bwana powerful Editor,Is UPND EQUAL TO WATCHDOG?

    • A Will becomes effective when the person who has made it is dead. Think along that line. Start once red flag is raised.

  • Are the dogs still sleeping? Or perhaps someone has locked them? #Am so much famished for yo updates concerning our leader

  • WHY CAN’T HH TREASON TRIAL HELD IN HEROES STADIUM? If they are saying the court is too small to accommodate everyone, why can’t they just say we have the Treason trial from heroes stadium so that it can accommodate many people? If they want they can even say, to enter you have to pay an entrance fee and we can pay to see and in the process they can make some money and invest. Please help