Zambia is a confirmed failed state, says senior judge

” We are in big problems. Evil has taken over Righteousness,” a Senior judge has lamented. Commenting on the banning of one of Hakainde Hichilema’s Lawyers from entering court premises by Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Charles Kafunda, a Supreme Court Justice says Zambia is now a confirmed failed State because there is no longer separation of powers.

” First of all I would like to state that for sometime I did not like the Zambian Watchdog but today I have to confess. You just have to do what you are doing. The end justifies the means. We are in trouble,” the source said. The source wondered how Gilbert Phiri who has been banned by Chief Registrar Charles Kafunda in behalf of Ireen Mambilima would seek legal recourse from the same judiciary.

” There are two issues here. Number one; if Mr. Phiri wants to sue for his banning from representing his client where will he go? Secondly how does the Registrar instruct the Law Association of Zambia to discipline the lawyer for allegedly writing stories on social media. He is not yet guilty he has to be heard before being disciplined. Is this country really being led by a Lawyer? And how can the CJ (Chief Justice) allow this?” the source asked.

The source said the judiciary is now extremely polarised under PF. ‘We now have a polarised judiciary and Legal system. We have PF inclined Judges and lawyers on one side and Non PF aligned Judges and Lawyers. It is a shame,” the judge said.

Chief Registrar of the High Court Charles Kafunda has written to the Law Association of Zambia instructing LAZ to discipline Lawyer Gilbert Phiri for what he calls commenting on a case.

Editor’s note. Gilbert Phiri is free to comment on the case since court proceedings have not started. Secondly we shall publish a story on who Charles Kafunda is and his role in the murder of Sajid Itowala and his links to murder convict Mathew Mohan. He is a criminal in robes.


  • Some Medias “You Can Go Crazy.

  • Let love be paramount

  • Zambia for you.Will these men and women doing these evil things to HH come and start asking for forgiveness and mantain their positions when the latter comes into power?Aba bantu balebembukila itolo.They’re old enough to know that ifyo balecita balelufyanya.

  • Judges and lawyers there are risking their job in future

  • Kikiki these posts are amazing. All of them are just bordering on the upcoming court hearing. And all are just bordering on painting the court as bad. Chief justice this and now the registrar this. Who do you expect to be in these offices mwabanthu???? People who only support you? And you can’t appoint only the ones you want. Animal farm

  • My brother, postings on social media alone isn’t sufficient coz it would have to be proven at law that it was him who physically wrote and posted those articles…. For me this should be a matter of judicial integrity… need I remember you that a matter of law and a matter of fact are very different

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    Charles Nawa 7 months

    Wako ni wako clan has paralysed the most important arm of government without justices as a country then we are about to reach the border of darkness

  • ZWD inform us the case of that chap charles garu kafunda very soon b4 monday…

    • How do you insult people that you don’t , with people like you and you expect Zambia to develop …what a shame

    • you how can we develop with chaps who don’t know their job…i don’t to talk more other wise are will go too further okey.

  • Gabriel Gmx Mwape

  • God knws wat tomorrow will b

  • Im On my Way 2 Jupta Mu Zambia Awe Kwena.

  • but some people have been dragged to court for contempt while there is no court seating but here you are supporting Phiri to comment because there is no court which is seating which is correct so to be Fair all cases should be withdrawn because the case of treason will only start on Monday with a judge appointed then no one will be allowed to comment

    • what Gilbert phiri has been slapped with it’s not Contempt of Court but breach of law professional ethics and conduct it’s guild line sort of on how legal practioners must conduct themselves in general

  • And all is happening because of one selfish individual yes, even one thing ECL has done they have said he has failed,learn to appreciate were its due.You don’t know the state were ECL was left,for me he has tried……

  • How are they sure it’s even Gilbert Phiri posting those comments? Who has investigated the postings?

  • The gates of hell shall not prevail.

  • Hope itself is like a star — not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.

  • This country officially has abandoned righteousness.We are not making positive strides but negative ones, We are close to jungle law.

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      Mumbi Phiri 7 months

      Finshi ulelolesha iwe Chikala.

  • The only lawyer we ll ever remember having ruled this country is mwanawasa not under this one were every jim and jack can suspend anyone as long as he or she is PF and have para legal law in their minds, (chansoni sana) very shameful ours have lost touch! Allow me say sorry to those lawyers whose linen remain clean for they are last hope we have here and the corparate world,

  • The only lawyer we ll ever remember having ruled this country is mwanawasa not under this one were every jim and jack can suspend anyone as long as he or she is PF and have para legal law in their minds, (chansoni sana) very shameful ours have lost touch! Allow me say sorry to those lawyers whose linen remain clean for they are last hope we have here and the corparate world,

  • This chief will cry soon, those associated to Lungu and trying to justify his criminal activities are being Caught in Lungu’s Web. Chief justice this justifies that you are not fit for that Jon. You are being evil. You are leading this country to blood shed, you went ahead and declared Lungu president when you knew that he lost the election after bribing you. Has the bribe you got finished and you dont care about the possible blood shed all you want is another bribe. I warn you that God will take care of the situation now that we all know that you are criminals.

  • I need not read such crap.. It’s very low even for the Zambian watchdog to entertain such headlines. Does this man even know what a failed state is? In every government they are those who things dont go their way. If they dont for you it’s a failed state.. IN BLACK INK MAY MY LOVE FOR ZAMBIA SHINE.

  • Bring the idiot down hahaha

  • Shemuna bane…..shame

  • Pf Will Cry,cry To Shit When Time Comes To Taste Their Bake.Its Time,and Surely Coming.If It Were In The Countries,one By One,they Would Have Been Receiving Pipe Smoke.

  • iyeeee maweee aur contry meb dog cn ru aur cauntry zambia not thirs idiots

  • we have no investigators in Zambia they depend on social media.

  • Full Cadres At Work

  • Thirdly, the banning of GP (the acused’s lawyer) disadvantages the accused and advantages the complainant (the state)….coz it means he can’t defend himself effectively. Fourthly, if GP is really wrong somewhere, I think the complainant in the case should ve first sued him for “contempt of court” then banned if found guilty than the other way round. Besides, I ve never seen a referee who gives red cards to players before the match begins. You referee a match that is not there yet. Clearly you are then not leveling the play field…..

  • Not Zambia maybe another country here we are enjoying peace.

  • All these things are cuased by ireen becuase of being evil woman,shame on it

  • your stories become fake whenever you spice them up with unnamed personalities

  • please bring on that insight of Kafunda.

  • Even the Chief Justice reads ZWD. Free advert!

  • What is clear is that they have realised that fake treason charge does not make sense and the judge may just throw it away and set free the accused. They have now come up with an unlawful desperate strategies expecting other legal battles to commence so as to delay the treason case. But let me remind these Satanists that Keith Mweemba alone, can stand the whole day crossing examining them all. So if Counsel even if counsel Phiri will not be there, it makes no difference.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm kafunda prepare for battle

  • I remember wat mama Nawakwi said in 2016 that inkalamo nga shapwa mu panga naba kolwe balateka ni zoona.

  • Pliz dont worry God knows their plans which they started long time ago & they have failed since he is in front of HH & hi steam! Mind U he cant sleep on his belove Pipo

  • but meanwhile you ‘re enjoying this free freedom of association. then u Wright blaaaaa. by the way ukwa is coming to this failed state. should I kanya him

  • God Wl Judge Them All

  • So ,tbese blood au

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    Maludza 7 months

    He is being punished for ably defending people from the perceived enemy clan of the Wako ni Wako clan.

  • There Is No Smoke Without Fire Social Media Could Not Start The Story Without Prof Of The Matter And Criminals Kiling Inocent Souls Shall Also Be Killed Regardles Were He Come From If This Criminal Ave Barking He Shall Be Uprooted More Especialy Pf

    • ireen mambilima, charles kafunda are the biggest culprits in zambia, the old lady chief justice mambilima she is being controlled by the pf criminals, the,s no justice in zambia, justice systems of zambia is completely dead.

  • And all of this is happening becoz of one known Selfish individual..

  • shame on the chief justice. Charles Kafunda can not base his decision on a matter that appeared on the social media and more over he doesn’t even know the true existance of the mentioned social media platform. this is shameful and I urge him to withdraw whatever he is trying to do. there is no evidence as per say and he can’t prove it anywhere.

  • This is shameful, anyway, it’s usually very dark before dawn!

  • I can’t help but to ask very basic questions of law…. what evidence is there rather than social media circulation postings? A mere post alone can’t stand as evidence, has any investigations been done on this matter ?

    • kafunda in his letter didnt even quote Gilbert Phiri’s personal page but was refering to a Zambian eagle post. if you search fb you will find dozens of gilbert phiris

  • am i the first to comment?