Zambia is a failed state

Zambia is a failed state

Dear Editor,
We wish to let the nation know that what is currently happening in Zambia under the leadership of the fast growing Dictator, illegal and failed leader Abdu Epuju Lungu is a tale of a failed state.

Zambians, you need to understand that all the schemes like misapplication and abuse of the Public Order Act during the Campaign period running toward the 2016 general elections, the setting up of a biased and imbalanced Constitutional Court of just a few unqualified Judges against appointment of a bench of 13 Qualified judges as enshrined in the amended constitution, the current abuse of the Public order Act by the PF Police Force and Militia to infringe upon our freedoms of ASSEMBLY, ASSOCIATIONS AND CONSCIENCE, and the actual unprecedented massive violence that was perpetrated by the PF on other competitors during the campaigns prior to 2016 elections( the Shiwang’andu, Chawama, Kanyama, Bauleni and Matero incidences among many that occurred and now; Non availability of G12 legal forms for recording of final results in the polling stations, the massive rigging of Elections through a foreign national of Ugandan origin, wrong announcement of results by one Chairman of ECZ, the false and final declaration of EDGAR LUNGU as a winner by ECZ, the failed UPND Petition in the Concourt on technicality of time, Mongu Fiasco of the motorcade, brutal breaking at HH’S house and arrest of his workers and other party members including the arrest of obvious Mwaliteta and friends on a fake aggravated robbery charge, the arrest of HH on tramped up treason charge, are all issues that point to one coined mastery known as HEGELIAN PRINCIPLE.

Did you know that those men who went to break at HH’S house, doing all sorts of unheard of things like urinating and shitting in his premises were not actual police officers? For interest sake, we swung our outer Space Gyroscope to peruse through the Lilayi and Kanfisa police Training Syllabi and results of the Scan show that Police are never training on how to shit in people’s premises during operations whether legal or illegal, just this finding tells us that these were not police officers.

The purported Police officers wore head socks in this particular illegal operation. Why would police officers put on head socks when they have the right to arrest anyone through the rule of law? Impeccable sources browsed by our outer – space gyroscope show that about 76% of purported cops were actually PF Militia who had graduated from the Sudan Illegal Military training and 24% were hired criminals from Uganda, Zimbabwe and Rwanda respectively. Fearing that some intelligent Zambians would question this foolish act, as an alibi, police have continue to use head socks during day operations at Court grounds to justify their anomie of that night raid. These imbeciles will one day soon answer these questions??

Do you remember that when Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo was asked by the media to confirm report that Police were breaking HH’s house, she quickly refuted that she was unaware. The refusal by Esther Katongo was timed because she was aware of the scheme to have HH killed by those PF militia and her admittance to the media on their question if it was learned that HH had been killed the next morning would have put Esther and her bosses in an awkward position hence the denial. How could an arrest of such an important figure in society and leader of the largest Opposition Political Party and Government in waiting be done without full knowledge of Police Spokesperson and her colleagues?? If by any skin of tooth this was true, then which thugs were those who did all that nonsense at HH’s house?? Ask yourselves these questions… don’t be cheated.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a German philosopher who revolutionized European thinking; especially Marxism. Hegel developed the concept of integrating and uniting a set of contradictions without eliminating or reducing either one, to create a synthesis. This concept is often called “dialectic thinking.”

Hegelian dialectic thinking is applied in many situations in world politics. Often the ordinary people are used as pawns in the game of Hegelian psychology played by those who pull the strings of world control. The political “left” and “right” are pitted against each other in order to achieve a synthesis that suits those in hidden positions of world power. In the United States, for example, the right side was in power until several aims were accomplished, such as the War on Iraq and the War on Terror. Then, when all that could be done by that side was accomplished, the left came into power claiming to bring about change. However, the change only continued wars in Iraq and elsewhere, and brought in additional social reforms that further limited the freedom of the American people. This pitting of one side against another is a form of controlled conflict that those behind the scenes use to create a predetermined history.

Order Ab Chao

Another example of elitist manipulation of world issues is expressed in the motto Ordo Ab Chao or “Order out of Chaos.” This motto mimics Hegelian thinking in that out of the chaos of war and conflict comes order, or a synthesis of peace. The events surrounding 9/11 are a prime example of this order out of chaos. Out of the chaos of that horrific event, several laws were passed to create a better order by increasing control over the people.

The PF Government is using both the Hegelian Principle and the Order Ab Chao(Order out of Chaos) to freely match to their mountain of Self-aggrandizement – One Party State while telling you Zambia is a Christian Nation, and you are watching in the name of being ‘Zambians are very peaceful.’ This does not suggest that Zambians must become lawless like the PF, their Militia and the biased police force. Stand up for your rights and defend them before you lose everything.

The Brutality that was witnessed last Saturday at the Memorial park as UPND members and family of the deceased were burying their member and beloved Clance Zulu, is a sequel to an order out of chaos. This act of Brutality was well schemed and was allowed by the Patriotic front to create what is known as the ‘Right Crisis.’ This is creating the right crisis in order to come up with an order out of chaos. Do you remember Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been down playing the existence of TENSION in the country while both local and international Individuals, organizations and Governments have stated so? When he had arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda Airport from Ethiopia, he quickly dispelled true assertions made by the three Church Mother Bodies that there was Tension in the country and that Zambia was now a dictatorship; saying that there was no Tension in the country and that Tension only existed in some people’s minds.

While denying that there’s no tension in the Country, that Memorial Park Incidence was perfectly skewed to justify PF next move (Order out of Choas) to make an application in Court that HH and his Co-accused be taken back to MUKOBEKO MAXIMUM PRISON because Chimbokaila Prison was not safe for them due to its location. This is a blatant lie… it’s an order out of Chaos. How can the police who went to HH’s house breaking the gates and doors, beating up his workers, tear gassing everyone and shitting in his premises today pretend that they are ready to protect him??? Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Minions are now part of dirty Principles of people in secret societies that are bent at stripping our God given human rights, while enriching themselves through corruption and forming their Elite group while the proletariats (Civil Servants in the Evil Service) and many Citizens continue to suffer and wallow in abject poverty respectively.

We shall come back with more information, for now our Outer Space Gyroscope is still Scanning…

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