Zambia is Bigger than any Political Party

By Bwembya Mutale

Zambia is Bigger than any Political Party in this regard we should congratulate President Hichilema head of opposition UPND on the wise call for peace, “HH calls for a peaceful Kabwata rally tomorrow“ and shame on Home affairs Minister Edgar Lungu for saying, ” but Police will not be there to keep peace”. Let all members of the public and parties alike freely attend these rallies and make independent decisions. Respective parties should be putting up physical security to their leaders, assets, venues of political meetings, and come up with alternative power sources in form of some diesel propelled Generators to support your PA systems because under this dispensation, chances of induced power failure may highly characterize any struggle for a return to our democracy.

Why say this? Well…where national systems such as our “Police Force” have been converted into partisans’ outfits and are vividly incapable of offering a neutral policing service to Zambians but only perfecting in wanton violations of human rights, citizens should stand-up to police themselves and with well chronicled developments look to the international democracy institutes and justice systems for support. With failure of the Zambian Police Force, citizens must now build momentum of self policing while providing themselves with all people driven institutional arrangements that promote democracy, stability, human right, sustainable development of all and social justice sadly lost in Zambia.

In this transition initiated, let the country provide itself with a constitution that guarantees the just rule of law system where no one, even an imaginary imperial president with fragrance of despotism is above the law. It’s time to press for a new and fully reconstituted Police and Intelligence systems, ones obtained through a bottom-up, participatory and inclusive institutional reform process, would certainly be relevantly allow all Zambians to bring anyone who dares to mutilate the constitution and democracy charters signed. We deserve to have a legal system that judiciary serves Zambia including even those who are politically well connected but found wanting.

Today no progressive patriot seem happy to maintain this status quo of the anti democracy league. Today the freedoms and justice scantly mentioned by those for the status quo are parsimonious, selective, and closely supervised with a coercive mindset hence in a travesty of justice, the likes of Gabriel Namulambe with pending criminal cases in the courts are being nominated with impunity by a ruling party as its parliamentary candidate. In all this, what makes matters worse is that under this political order there is no hope on the horizon.

Because Zambia is bigger than any transitional political kleptocracy, let democracy give the country alternative voices freely. In the wise words of former US President, John F. Kennedy, “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”. Today Zambia needs an involved citizenry than spectators.

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