Zambia is filthy and stinks

By Paul Mumba

Mother Zambia, what a beautiful country! Full of natural resources some of which still remains untapped. Wonderful and hospitable people, beautiful wild animals, wonderful lakes and rivers, tantalizing grass plains and minerals to mention just a few. But take a walk in the streets of cities, towns and along highways especially where road blocks/check points have been set up woo! It’s a mess! You see liter all over and horrible stench coming from the sites. Zambia! Zambia! Where is personal hygiene? Where are the local authorities? It’s like everybody enjoys this kind of environment.

Every time you tune to ZNBC News, it is all about uncollected garbage in Livingstone, Lusaka, Kitwe to mention just these three examples, and what you hear are just silly excuses from town clerks and the people that have been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining clean habitable environments, setting  high standards of living for the people and sensitizing.

For how long are we going to be served by jokers who are always giving excuses? Zambia is living in a lot of filth and it appears there is no leadership to tackle this matter head on from the grass roots. This explains why we have cases of typhoid and soon or later it will be cholera. Shame on the councils! You are a total disgrace to our beautiful country! You are even failing to maintain your dilapidated infrastructure you operate in giving all sorts of excuses. Its high time Zambians learnt to apply the vote of no confidence on the useless leaders that are there merely to oil their pockets. Leadership is about servanthood and not about me and myself.

What a strange country, blessed with ward chairmen, constituency chairmen, and members of parliament, District commissioners, councilors and the so called town clerks. Bunch of failures? They all sit comfortably in their offices not minding that they are sitting on garbage in their offices, driving along filthy roads, drinking from bars whose surroundings are littered with all kind of dirt and their homes are surrounded by garbage.” Shamuleni, shame!”

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