Zambia is in trouble under these murderous thugs


1. Sata together with Chiluba very early in their newly found election victory at the introduction of multi-party politics, carried out deadly schemes just to silence their perceived enemies,UNIP (ZERO OPTION). They blusted the Kafue water pipe near Chilanga and the corner of State House wall fence near Kabulonga round about and claimed UNIP leaders were doing that. Country men, take a minute and imagine this thug we have as president.

2. Sata and Chiluba assassinated a lot politicians, likes of Paul Tembo; Baldwin Nkumbula; Ronald Penza; Mandandi; WEZI KAUNDA; etc. You can now understand that KK has outlived his usefulness and is totally uselless now. The same mad person who participated in schemes of killing KK’s son is a close associate. I have always wondered why KK was not getting international honours like his peers. He never has a principled position. He just blows like wind all the time. He prefered thugs like Mugabe and Sata!!

3. Number 2, above can be confirmed by government vehicle he stole and OP Chief Xavior  Chungu saved him by saying he gave me as reward for helping the system. WHICH SYSTEM, killing people with Chiluba?? This is why he still wanted to remember Chungu with another government job and yet he was found guilt of criminal acts by our courts.

4. In the end, after appearing to be winning by cheating Chiluba over 3rd Term (got rid of all competitors in MMD, those that formed FDD)so that he remains alone for the presidency when Chiluba fails, Chiluba (as criminal as he was) realised that SATA was a danger to society and went to work up Mwanawasa. It takes a thief to catch a thief!

5. Zambians work up. Why has Emmanuel Mwamba been rewarded?? SATA used him to poison Chiluba because he new what Chiluba was capable of doing at elections. Chiluba himself had said they will use all tricks at home and abroad. SATA new what that meant. SATA, Chungu and Emmanuel Mwamba then planned to poison him. CAN SATA’S “USEFUL IDIOTS” comment?

6. The death of Hugo Chavez from cancer will now make him more desperate to harm other innocent Zambians, before he too dies from cancer. The idea is that his “USEFUL IDIOTS”, Membe, Chito, Kabimba, Mathani, etc. should not suffer from prosecutions when others form the next government after he is dead. The plan is to disintegrate the opposition.

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