‘Zambia is not a Christian nation’

ZAMBIA is NOT a Christian Nation. Zambia has a constitutional preamble that claims to be Christian. ZAMBIA has pastors who never stand up for justice. Zambia has politicians who select who to arrest and who to tollerate. They only show up for National Day of Prayer because they get brown envelopes.

ZAMBIA has citizens who are murdering each other in cold blood over mere speculations. Each day a family somewhere is putting to rest a loved one whose life has been cut short by angry mobs who have misdirected their anger to their own people.

The anger Zambians are feeling must be directed to elected officials not to one another.

Don’t come to me with your Christian Nation nonsense while our children collapse daily in schools for being gassed. Don’t tell me how holy you are hours after you lit a fire and barbequed one of your own.

Christian Nation my foot. All this while our leaders remain silent and absent.

I say it again, ZAMBIA is NOT a Christian Nation. If you don’t like this statement go and hug a ZESCO transformer.


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