Zambia is not a little known country, complains envoy

Zambia’s press secretary at the Belgium Embassy Samuel Ngoma has complained to the Financial Times newspaper for referring to Zambia as a little known country.

Ngoma was reacting to an article published in the Financial Times of 12 December in which the writer Sophy Roberts,in her discourse stated that : ‘I’ve had rich children going out to lesser-known parts of Africa – Zambia, Malawi – and the experience has a far greater effect than anything their parents could buy them.” The article was entitled ‘traveling to Africa with Children.

But the Zambian envoy found the passing reference on Zambia offending.

“Sir, I was offended by your Hotel Insider columnist Sophy Roberts’ article “Young and wild” (December 12). In the article, in which she gives the leg-up to British parents who take their young on Africa’s wild safaris, she says they could visit “little known” countries such as Zambia and Malawi. Such was her profound ignorance’, wrote Ngoma.

“Many Britons, for whom Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) was home under British rule, and still consider it their second home, must have expressed similar bewilderment at such a belittling analysis of this great African country. Zambia was responsible for the liberation of the entire southern African region from white oppression, including playing a vital part in the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa. There would probably have been no political release of Nelson Mandela if it weren’t for Zambia,” according to Ngoma.

He explained that Zambia is the birthplace of walking safaris and its South Luangwa national park is one of the world’s largest sanctuaries of wildlife.

“Its Kafue national park (the size of Wales) is a wonder”, he said.

“Ms Roberts cannot be that well travelled if she does not know that Zambia is renowned for being home to one of the seven wonders of the world – the Victoria Falls. Scottish missionary David Livingstone died in Zambia, his heart was buried in the heart of the country and only his embalmed body was brought by faithful servants over land and sea for burial at London’s Westminster Abbey. Zambia has such a rich history that any well-read person will be flummoxed by insinuations that it is “less known”, concluded Ngoma.

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