Zambia is truly becoming a police & failed state

Editor, going by the pictures posted on ZWD today, showing police actions in the just ended parliamentary and local government elections, it is very clear that this nation is slowly becoming a police state. However, this is not surprising because the man at the helm of government in this country was a cop in the colonial era. This is the time when the police were known for being very primitive in their actions. Oppression, brutality & divisiveness were the traits exhibited by the police then. Our leader at plot 1 today seems to have carried on some of these traits. Everyone who opposes him is subjected to police intimidation & is sometimes brutalised. We have witnessed top cops being promoted to higher positions simply by being unprofessional & being bad cops,  ill-treating members of opposition political parties.

A little background about the politics of this country might help us understand how we have gotten ourselves into this mess:
1st President Kenneth Kaunda: This man was a teacher by profession. In line with his profession he made an impact on our education system. Universities & so many schools were built. Without him we would not be boosting of the thousands of University graduates we have in Zambia today.

The 2nd President late Dr. FTJ Chiluba, was a bus conductor during his youth. This helped him, upon his assumption of power, to improve the transport system. We witnessed the importation of several types of buses & other vehicles Zambians had never seen before. The man had his own flaws but this was not surprising because this man clearly lacked any formal education. The economics he knew was from the streets. For the first time we witnessed things like the presidential slash fund being included in the national budget. Of course his actions sent the economy nose diving. Only the coming of the President who succeeded him saved us from total doom.

The 3rd President, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, deservedly regarded as the best president Zambia has ever had, was a had working man. He changed the way several systems of government worked, in the process the country managed to recover from the damage caused by the Chiluba regime. However, even LPM was inclined to the law profession, obviously because he was a lawyer. He fought corruption tooth & nail. He improved the way the judicially worked among other systems. Many Zambians can confess that they wished God had given life to LPM & allowed him to finish his term of office. Had LPM lived, Zambia would not have been the same today.

Our 4th President Rupiah Bwezani Banda fondly called RB, is an economist by profession. In line with his profession, Rupiah managed to improve the economy of this country, even managing to successfully complete some of the big projects left by LPM; The projects are all known by Zambians. LPM & RB’s works speak for themselves. I know that some people can argue against this, but facts on the ground can prove that RB performed far better in his first year than the PF has done in the same period. The country had better foreign reserves, the dollar/kwacha exchange rate was lower; inflation rates clearly came down. Rupiah left good road infrastructure especially in the city, something the PF can only dream about. We saw a lot of infrastructure being belt in the rural areas. He also completed the big projects left by LPM: the Ndola stadium, the LPM hospital, the Olympic sports centre & many more. All this was done in just three years in which RB was president. It is now very clear that Zambians were cheated into believing that RB was a bad president. Political rhetoric & lies hoodwinked most youths into believing that the PF will improve their lives but alas we seem to have jumped from a frying pan into fire. Yes, there were a few individuals under RB who were extremely corrupt, but this is expected in any institution. RB was even bold enough to suspend some of his ministers once allegations of corruption were levelled against them, no matter how close they were to him. Today we have seen some government ministers who have been accused of soliciting for government deals corruptly, but they have stayed put. Our leader has not even dared to discuss the subject.

The above discussion shows us clearly that Zambia chose the wrong people to govern this nation by voting for the PF.  By voting for the type of leaders we have in PF, Zambians accepted the qualities which came with them. Today, the primitive public order act is more appreciated by our leaders in PF & is being used to fight the opposition. Zambia is truly becoming a police state & will eventually become a failed state. Nowadays, if you do not vote for PF you are regarded as being tribal & being a disciple of hate! One wonders whether these people take time to check their CVs. There is completely nothing that can attract some of us into voting for most of the leaders in PF. Even in my village we respect & value people based on personal achievement (both economic & academic). To call people tribal because they do not appreciate your qualities is unfair. People will do well by checking themselves first.


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