Zambia isn’t your father’s country, Chishimba tells ‘foolish’ Lungu

Zambia isn’t your father’s country, Chishimba tells ‘foolish’ Lungu

United Progressive People’s Party – UPP president Saviour Chishimba says it is foolish for dictator Edgar Lungu to claim that he should take away some rights belonging to people. He has condemned Lungu’s desire to declare himself as a dictator and demanded for the release of incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema immediately. He has also called for Lungu to be mentally examined as he is showing symptoms of madness.

Speaking at a press briefing at the party’s secretariat in Kabulonga yesterday, Dr. Chishimba said that instead of declaring state of emergency, Lungu and his PF minions must invest in security surveillance system because there was no guarantee that after the proclamation the acts of disasters will stop. He stressed that even in countries where there is state of emergency terrorism has continued to occur.

“The mention of dictatorship by the President who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces is worrisome because it is exactly what the international community and everybody else has been saying and he has been refusing but he said it himself that kindly bear with me I am going to become a dictator kwati libala lyakwa wishi (as if it is his father’s field) bushe chalo chakwa wiso chino (is this your father’s country?). This country belongs to all of us and every Zambian is an equal shareholder in this enterprise called Zambia,” charged Dr. Chishimba.

He charged that Zambians cannot bear with Lungu’s foolishness and it was highly unacceptable for rights that were protected by international law must be taken away by one person. He charged that time for Zambians to examine Lungu’s head as he is showing signs of madness and he should not shamelessly destroy the country by taking it backwards.

“Bupumbu bupumbu you want to take away people’s rights and we ask you to walk away because the land is our entity and for Zambians. A person is lawyer and a lawyer is supposed to show us how to protect human rights unless there is something questionable about your credentials,” he told Lungu.

And on Hichilema, Dr. Chishimba said that he should be released from detention and have the foolish treason dropped so that he rightfully faces the traffic offence, because his detention will not solved anything but continue to divide the country.

A visibly annoyed Dr. Chishimba called on Lungu to stop the silly and embarrassing foreign trips and boasts that he will be moving as he wishes such as the trip to watch cabbages in Israel.  

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