‘Zambia isolated Regionally and internatio​nally’

The consequences of mob influence when making political choices and decisions can have serious devastating ramifications. Zambia today stands nearly isolated in the region and no self respecting leader is interested to come to Zambia. Perhaps President Robert Mugabe be-known of what was happening in Zambia at the time came by mistake and possibility that could well be his last state visit under the Sata administration.

Besides Mugabe no other head of state has visited Zambia. This is un characteristic and un precedented state of affairs and a serious indictment, Zambia has always been the regional hub of politics and a centre associated with fundamental international Agreements and major international protocols and peace related Agreements under previous administrations.

Truth be told this is what happens to a nation when the enlightened citizens abdicate their rightful role as social drivers of the political agenda and leave this onerous task of driving the national political agenda to the less enlightened citizens.

The net result is that we have a leadership that  is incapable and can’t be recognized nor accepted regionally or internationally. This is a sad and tragic situation we find ourselves in as a nation regrettably. The only prescription available to remedy this malaise is to call for fresh elections.

Nason Msoni

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