Zambia lagging behind in UNWTO preparations

Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) chairman Kingsley Lilamono says Zambia is still behind with preparations of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly as compared to its co-host Zimbabwe.

Mr Lilamono attributed one of the delays to the Tourism Ministry leadership changes.

He however said with a new minister in office it would help with the preparations now and concentration on the UNWTO will advance.

Mr Lilamono said even though Zimbabwe has done so much already, Zambia can still catch up with maintenance of the already existing infrastructure.

He said Zambians, Livingstonians especially must be sensitized on tourism in Livingstone so that they can be proper ambassadors of Zambia and uplift the tourism industry.

He was speaking on Saturday morning on Blog Badio in collaboration with Zambezi FM.

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