Zambia lifts ban on Kenyan Milk

Speaking on the sidelines of the 29th Common Markets of Eastern and Southern Africa – Comesa Council of Ministers meeting in Lusaka, Kenya’s Trade Permanent Secretary Eng. Abdulrazaq Adan Ali said the two countries have now reached an understanding after concerted efforts to see an end to the ban on milk exports to Zambia.

“The long running misunderstanding between us and Zambia on standards for milk that we export to the country has finally ended and I am excited about this new development that will see Kenyan milk processors access the lucrative Zambian market,” said Ali to a Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation.

Zambia set up standards for milk grading rating from one to three and maintained that Kenya could only export milk of the first grade.

Legislation to this effect was passed that saw Kenya lose a foothold in the Zambian milk export market.

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