Zambian Muslim urges Zambians to cooperate with Anti-Israel convoy

A Zambian Muslim based in South Africa has urged Zambians to cooperate with the Muslims who have planned a cross-continent aid convoy from Cape to Gaza.

Sheik Saleem Banda who is the Director of World Assembly of Muslim Youths claimed to Muvi TV that the convoy is a humanitarian movement which needs the support of all peace loving people.

Sheik Banda says the aim of the convoy is to raise awareness in Africa of the suffering of the Palestinian at the hands of the oppressive regime of Israel.

Muslim organizations operating in South Africa began convoy preparations under the auspices of the Al Quds Foundation and Muslim Judicial Council, the organizations that have a long history of anti-Israeli activity and rhetoric.

Sheik Banda is in the country as the guest of the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) discussions on issues of climate change.


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