Zambia needs brave citizens to resist Sata’s autocratic leadership

Zambia needs brave citizens to resist Sata’s autocratic leadership

By Given Mutinta 

Today, in Zambia to be a conscientious citizen calls for valor and self-denial. President Michael Sata’s authoritative and imperious leadership is gradually creating an environment in which it is blasphemous to hold political views different from his. As a result, people are now living in fear making it easy for Sata’s voice to prevail on everything.

If Sata is a democrat as he claims, he should learn to consult before imposing his little oddities on our people. It is sad that Sata is able today to make appointments to public office on tribal and regional lines, tomorrow create a district and a province, and a day after move a town to another province with no holds barred. Sata’s balderdash, codswallop, and bunkum decisions must be regimented before he destroys our country. He cannot change the course of our history by turning the faces of portraits to the wall.

Sata is slowly but surely transforming our state into an authoritarian state and very soon dictatorship will operate based on a single-party rule. In a democratic dispensation it is critical to consult widely especially on decisions that directly affect people’s lives. In addition, people have the right to agree and disagree, and act according to what they know is best for their country.

If it is treasonous to hold different views how will Sata who at many times has no feelings of remorse to take actions that are contrary to our laws as a nation going to be regimented? Should we sit down ineptly and watch Sata conduct himself as if he is the only seat of intelligence and wisdom on how to develop our country?

Sata’s should know that his domineering leadership has an effect on the credibility of his government inside and outside the country. He is undermining his image as he is no longer seen as a defender of democracy. It seems Sata’s autocratic tendencies are instigated by a belief that we are a docile and pliable nation? Sata should know that times are changing and there is no political weather no matter how bad it is our people cannot withstand. He has severely undermined himself through his hokum decision such that his fall from power is imminent.

Sata’s allies should strongly and urgently advise him to break off from his road to dictatorship. Our world today cannot stomach leaders who consecrate themselves into ‘small gods’. Besides, Zambia has no place for a dictator.

With Sata’s over controlling leadership, we need to tap into our virtue of fortitude in order to stay strong to do what is good for our country. We know that Sata is determined to silence anyone holding different views from his ersatz political ideologies. It is very clear that he has no mercy for anyone perceived to be a threat to his presidency.

For this reason, he is nippily destroying those who are a threat to his presidency, giving them no time to retaliate. Sata is ruthless and cunning. He believes that to prevent future aggression against him, he has to destroy the source of the aggression before it gets strong. He is slowly taking away the hope of free thinkers and potential leaders from them and destroying it. That is Sata’s cannier action, to crush totally those he perceives as his enemies!

We therefore need to harness the virtue of bravery because of the high level of political machinations and chicanery being perpetuated against people with different views on how to develop our country. We need to be brave to overcome any obstacles and fears of Sata’s leadership. It will take genuine fortitude to withstand Sata’s vindictive leadership aimed at encumbering voices of reason.

To survive Sata’s political indignation we should be ready to fight for the sustenance of our democracy. The grisliest blunder we can ever make is to allow Sata to silence our consciences. It is only through our synderesis or consciences that we can discern what is economically and politically right and wrong for our country.

Sata’s heavy-handed leadership should make us reflect on the future of our country. The current surreptitious, ferocious, and imperious political climate he has created will stifle our democracy. This is what happens when people with autocratic tendencies ascend into the upper echelons power, and we must be ready for anything.

Sata’s tyrannical leadership is a challenge to us all to provide the most shining examples of fortitude to fight the enemy of our democracy. This is the right time to cultivate the virtue of bravery to bind our wills firmly to the good of reason in the face of an undemocratic leader. Unless we love our country more than our own lives it will be difficult to sustain ourselves in the current political landscape. Only those who are willing to suffer to protect our democracy will be relevant to our society.

It is clear for anyone to see that Sata is a splenetic, vindictive, and authoritarian leader. The ‘kairos’ is now to show our people that we love what is larger; truth, peace, justice, and the common good of the social whole than ourselves. Let us be valiant and stand up against the enemy of our democracy. Without sacrifice it will be difficult to make Sata operate on political and economic democratic principles.

It is bravery that we will need when Sata hastily drags us to the courts of law and incarcerate us for the views we hold. If we are to be the voice of reason in this country, we need to cultivate the asset of bravery that moderates the emotions of fear and daring in accordance with right reason.

We must be ready to defend our democracy. Zambia needs citizens who will not give up on her democracy. Let us rescue our country from despotism. We need strengthened minds against the current regime, the greatest danger to our democracy.

It is only when we are willing to fall and even die in the battle for our democracy will Sata be regimented. We should refuse to be corrupted or yield to death threats to deliver a just cause.

This country is crying for John the Baptist a perfect example of fortitude with respect to a ‘private combat’. He did not hold back from speaking out against Herod for repudiating his first wife and marrying his brother’s wife while Philip was still alive. This eventually led to his death. Similarly, Saint Thomas More refused to take the oath enacted by Parliament. To do so would contravene the judgment of his conscience. As a result, he too lost his head and won the crown of martyrdom.

As noble citizens, we should choose to take a firm and conscientious stand on national issues in favor of peace and justice for all though we may risk our lives. Standing up for what is right when we know that there is a very good chance that we will not survive, is indeed an instance of bravery and our noble calling.

Let us not be afraid to perform acts of fortitude by moderating our fear to denounce anything that undermines our unity and democracy, and promote what will unite us as a free nation. This is a sure way to support our democracy and achieve the greater good for our country.

Countrymen and women, let us be bold and remember the principal act of bravery is to endure when you are being persecuted not aggression its secondary act. It is enduring fear that wins battle not attacking evil through daring.

Let us be the the sense of consciousness and conscientiousness on what is economically and politically good or bad for our country. We should not falter in making Sata know his good and bad conduct, intentions and character with a feeling of obligation so that he does crush our democracy.

We are all the faculty, power and principle enjoining good acts, thus it is our national duty to transmit commands and admonitions to Sata’s ego and undemocratic leadership.

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