Zambia needs Jacob (Israel) more than China, Muslims

Please allow me space in your widely read online paper. Being away from home  (Zambia) and living in the UK made me and other Zambians in the diaspora miss on the happenings in our beloved country. The Post Newspaper of old helped and kept us updated, but since its death 2 years now we thought we would never get to know what was happening. We salute all staff at Zambian Watchdog for the News that now is at our fingertips. Keep up the good work and remain professional, efficient and proficient. Thank you for the article on the Relationship of Zambia with Israel and the reported ‘SECRETIVE LETTER’ to the Palestinian leader. Remember the whole world is watching.

I read the article and comments with deep sadness at the historical ignorance of some readers to say the least. If the letter that is being quoted in the media indeed is meant for the  cementing of relationships between Zambia and Palestine then Zambia stands to lose. The simple advice to our government is never to work against the nation of Israel. There are numerous examples of countries and individuals who have disintegrated as  a result of the same. Look at Somalia and Yugoslavia who constantly voted against Israel have paid a high price. Any partnership with Islamic nations comes at a cost. No matter how much peace they promise they have never fulfilled it anywhere in the world.
The latest example of individuals who spoke against Israel  is Ahmadinejad of Iran. Where is he? Let me draw you to some historical truth about The Nation of Israel and the benefits of working  with Israel:
  • Israel is the same name for Jacob the descendant of Abraham chosen of God and not the United Nation.
  • God the creator of the heavens and earth has chosen Israel as the only nation and land on earth which He calls His land. He created and loves all nations, but Israel is the chosen of God.
  • Israel became a nation in a day according to the word of God (Bible) and that land was given to them by God Himself.
  •  Jews are a blessed nation (people and Land). When you partner with blessed people you enjoy the blessings too. Do some research on the list of the 100 richest individuals in the world and how many Jews are on that list? Who owns more land in Lusaka if not a Jew? We need Israel more than China. Israel has the anointing from God than any other nation on planet earth.
  • There can never be Christianity without Judaism. God gave His word (now called the Bible) to Jews as Torah, Prophets and History books which comprise the Old Testament. All the authors of the books in the Bible (both Old & New Testaments) are Jews. Therefore if you take Jews out of the equation you have nothing as far as Christianity is concerned.
  • Jesus was born, grew up and died as a Jew. He will come back to Jerusalem and judge the whole world.
Therefore, those who are ignorant of the History and plan of God need to be very careful how they handle Israel. Our leaders must learn much from Israel’s politics, prosperity, agriculture, defence and the list is endless. If all you know about Israel is what you see on Television, please read history books and do your homework well. Governments have come and gone  but Israel will remain until Jesus comes. What you say or believe about Israel does not change the promises about His chosen people – Israel. Remember the people you relate with determine your future.
Thank you and please lets continue to pray for Zambia that no one sells  our country for the bowl of soup.
Kasoma Mutampo

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