Zambia needs visionary leader – Bishop Chihana

Zambia needs visionary leader – Bishop Chihana

One of the UNZA students hacked by police Tuesday night

One of the UNZA students hacked by police Tuesday night

Bishop Simon Chihana says Zambia needs a visionary leader like former presidents Kenneth Kaunda or Levy Mwanawasa.

Commenting on the PF government’s failure to manage education in the country and instead resorting to brutalizing students and lecturers, Bishop Chihana said children in higher learning institutions have become vulnerable and victims of the wicked well to do in society.

He urged government to address the plight of students with the urgency it deserves and pay them allowances just like they pay allowances for government officials.

‘When these bursaries are delayed, it begins to create a certain heavy emotional tension within the hearts of the students involved. Most of these young people in colleges and universities are coming from families that are heavily struggling to put bread on the table and their only hope is through the bursaries,’ he said.


‘These young people travel from all the corners of Zambia to come secure their future through education which most of their parents and guardians never afforded. Some are coming as far Shang’ombo, Zambezi, Chilubi Island,  Lundazi and so forth, and those coming from the copperbelt the jobs of their parents are no more,’ Bishop Chihana said.

He explained that ‘Dr. Kaunda gave us free education and we were taken care of because his leadership understood the great need for it’.


He accused government officials and rich people of exploiting vulnerable students.

‘These are taking advantage of the weaker girls who receive no financial support from their families, some of the girl children are made to get involved into illicit sex so that they can pay for their boarding fees and buy some food.


‘These wicked men with some money take advantage of some of the weaker girls, when it is the responsibility of any sane government to take care of the future of its country and these are the future, ‘he said.


He said Government must change the way it finances the ministry of education and must investment more in education.

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