Zambia paying $12,000 per month for ambassador’s private rent in New York

Zambia paying $12,000 per month for ambassador’s private rent in New York

Mwaba Patricia Kasese-Bota

Mwaba Patricia Kasese-Bota

Dear Editor,

As you know very well, most of the people in Zambian Foreign Service are related to the powers that be.

However, the trend in the previous administration in Zambia has been that the Mission in New York, at least, is left to seasoned diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because of the United Nations where the diplomats require representing the Zambian Government very well.

However, the Mission in New York in the previous two and half years has been headed by Dr. Mwaba Patricia Kasese-Bota, who worked for USAID in Zambia but was appointed because of her relation with the first lady and the President.

She is also married to a Mr. Bota who heads Multi-choice Zambia and who was involved in a road accident that killed two of his directors on the spot. The man stays in Zambia hammering young girls while the wife is in New York. There is also a Mr. Silvester Mwanza an ally to Winter Kabimba and an accomplice to some of the deals as he is one of the shareholders [in Kabimba’s companies]. The guy divorced his wife and he doesn’t see any skirt around him.

The Ambassador when she reported in New York without the knowledge of international relations and diplomacy, she decided to victimize the officers that she had found and recommended the Military Advisor, Brig.General Wisdom Museya to be retired in public interest. This shocked everyone because the officer was due to retire by the end of this year.

She also refused to occupy the Zambian house, which just requires minor attention but opted to stay in a rented property.

Her case is not different from that of  Prof. Clive Chirwa. She stays in a luxurious mansion worth Twelve Thousand dollars (US$12,000.00) per month yet her entitlement if government was to rent a house as provided for in the regulations is six thousand.

As if this is not enough she paid equivalent of thirty six thousand kwacha as security deposit. She did all these arrangements without the involvement of us at Foreign Affairs and only to seek authority after she transacted.  When the Permanent Secretary tried to caution her she said she would inform the first lady and the President. She is arrogant such that she has no regards even for the so-called useless Ministers and threatens them.

She also rarely attend important meeting as she enjoys shopping all the time.

Imagine soon after the President left New York after attending the General Assembly in September, 2013, she also decided to leave when he General Assembly work was still in process up until December. No Ambassadors travel unnecessarily from New York during this period but she left for China and there she spend eight hundred dollars on talk time alone for two days and then from China she went to see her hubby Mr. Bota the womanizer. Now she is forcing us at Foreign Affairs to give her a retrospective authority in order to cover up for the use of that Money and in the usual manner threatened the PS and senior officers.

She also travelled to Zambia with Mr. Mwanza the cadre to take fake investors without following the normal procedure because they wanted to do their deals.  They blackmailed Hon. Emmanuel Chenda when he was at Commerce to welcome these fake guys who were not vetted by OP as the case should have been and they even arranged the same guys to meet the President at State House.

Recently she was reported to have been elected as chair of the Landlocked Developing countries. This position was shunned by others because of its insignificance and therefore she opted to go for it and we were shocked here at Foreign Affairs when we learned about it in the media because she never sought for authority from us.  She also sent Mr. Mwanza to another country for a week without getting authority from us at foreign Affairs. This guy is also arrogant, he does not have any regards for senior officers who travel from time to time to New York for meetings at the UN just like his boss.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also hoping that State house would send one of the senior officer from the Ministry who would help to ably represent Zambia at the UN as deputy ambassador since the position has been vacant for some time but to the surprise of everyone, they got someone else from another Ministry who doesn’t know anything about diplomacy and her name is Christine Kalamwina from ministry of gender.

I hope the President will react fast to send a seasoned civil servant as an Ambassador in New York and transfer her relation to nearby countries like Botswana so that she can be traveling frequently to meet her hubby. Mr. mwanza is equally a nuisance and tarnishing the image of the mission. Foreign affairs is wondering what the OP lady does who is stationed there.

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