Zambia plans to fly Barotseland’s treason accused Afumba to Mongu as activists fear it may be a trap

The Zambian government is planning to airlift the four treason accused Barotseland activists currently appearing before the Kabwe High Court back to Mongu.

Trial for the four Barotseland independence activists, Afumba Mombotwa and three others continues before the Kabwe High Court on 7th September 2015 but intelligence sources have however indicated that the four accused may be discharged and flown back to Mongu.

Some activists in Mongu and Lusaka have however expressed concern at the latest manoeuvres by the Zambian government and charged that there was an evil motive behind the plan to fly Afumba and his co accused to Mongu.

‘We don’t trust these people, why do they want to fly them to Mongu? Who knows what these people can do on the way,’ asked one activist who asked for anonymity.

There is a possibility that the Zambian government may discontinue the trial because it will attract the abrogated Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which was terminated by Zambia in 1969.

One of the State witnesses, Leon Mweemba Ngulube, a police investigations officer based in Mongu, told the court last week that the Barotseland activists had a national anthem, a flag and coat of arms. The Barotseland national anthem presented as evidence was composed in 1918 and has always been sung during Barotseland National Council meetings and was sung in schools before Barotseland joined Zambia in 1964.


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