Zambia plunged into darkness

Almost the entire country was on Monday evening plunged into darkness after an unexplained power blackout.
Watchdog sources said the main switch at Kafue gorge lower hydroelectric station had tripped.
By 21 hours local times, there was no power in most parts of the country including Lusaka the capital. At Kabwe general hospital, where there is either no standby generator or it is also not functioning or has no fuel, patients were left in darkness.
Mines on the Copperbelt were also affected as Copperbelt energy which feeds the mines depends heavily on Kafue gorge.
The PF government officials infamous for stealing public money thieves just like their predecessors in MMD have been going round the world borrowing money to renovate Kafue Gorge station but they end up looting the money and doing shoddy jobs with change.

Just in 2013, the European Investment Bank (EIB), gave the PF government €50 million (US$65 million for modernise Kafue Gorge. There is nothing to show for that money just like other grants in the past. In 2010, ZESCO signed an agreement SinoHydro to develop the Kafue Gorge Station with a US$1 billion loan from China Development Bank.

The PF is now looking to borrow another $2 billion for the same Kafue Gorge.

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