Zambia police a disgrace

Editor please publish my complaint, dont even hide my ID.ZAMBIA POLICE, MOST OF YOU GUYS ARE A DISGRACE, MUCHINJE
Last Wednesday I was driving a Toyota Noah with loved ones from granma’s funeral in Ndola . At Kafulafuta traffic check point, the cop realized the road tax, insurance, my license and the vehicle’s physical condition were up to date. Then he said, ” I am charging you for ama lift… the ppo you are carrying are not your relatives but passengers from whom you have collected money.” In shock i showed him my employment ID to try to prove that I wouldn’t sink so low as to the level of being a pirate bus driver, and seriously at my level i cant sink so low ….but all was in vain. Consequently, i spent the next 30 or so minutes in the guard room at Kafulafuta trying to plead for my innocence till my blind granpa came to check what was happening. The cops only released me upon seeing that granpa was blind. Now, what sort of police service is this? Chaps are weak at pursuing hardcore criminals but quick to harass ordinary citizens like me. Zambia Police most of you are are a disgrace guys. Muchinje. Am not happy at all.

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