Zambia Police beat up, jail opposition demonstrators, journalists in Zimbabwe style

Police in Lusaka Wednesday savagely beat up protesters and broke-up a demonstration by United Party for National Development youths to press for the resignation of Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito.

This is happening at the same time President Sata is preparing to deliver a key note speech during the Commonwealth Investment Conference in London.  Sata will be telling potential investors that Zambia is a good destination for investment as there is peace.

Yet, back home in Lusaka, Police broke-up the peaceful demonstration just as the UPND youths tried to join into Addis Ababa Drive from their party headquarters situated on Lagos road in Rhodespark.

More than 44 youths have been arrested and the UPND headquarters has been sorrounded by anti-riot poilce. At least three opposition members were seen bleeding and rushed to the University Teaching Hospital.

The police who fought running battles with the UPND youths managed to apprehend some of the protesting youths who have since been detained.

QFM journalist Alexander Musokotwane who went to cover the demonstration was also beaten up be Police officers despite having an identity card.

Traffic on Addis Ababa drive was temporarily interrupted as police chased opposition members.

Opposition members are calling for the resgnation of DPP Mutembo Nchito who owes publis institutions billions of the local currency.

The onslaught on demonstrators were led, in person, by Police commissioner Charity Katanga.

“Zambia has been turned into a police state. Today, 44 UPND youths have been brutalised, beaten and arrested by the Zambia Police. We don’t know how Mr Sata wants to run this country. Mr Sata is a dictator and he  wants to make Zambia a police state. The UPND will not allow this to happen,’ said  Roanald Mufungulwa a UPND leader.

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