Zambia police can’t handle serious riot

Zambia police can’t handle serious riot

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa


The first time I witnessed police incompetence was in 1986 in Ndola when Zambians rejected Kaunda’s demonic, despotic régime. During those riots the police where impotent to intervene.


We have less than 50000 police officers in Zambia, against a population of 15 million citizens.


The Zambia police force have the capacity to arrest HH urinate on his bed steal his money and food. However we know that they have no capacity to contain Zambians when they erupt as they did in 1986 and last year when ritual killings where rife.


President Lungu should not plunge our nation into chaos just to score a few cheap political scores.


Kaunda and RB are his godfather’s he should take time to ask them how inevitably a President loses power.


The difference between us and animals is our humanity, our decency our love and care for others.


Release HH let him go home to his wife and children he has suffered enough. Find it in your allegedly Christian hearts to have love mercy and compassion even for those you hate the most.

No one stays in state house forever.

Through your tyranny you have left destruction and pain in your wake.

My brother and comrade Fred Mmembe has been forced into exile by this brutal and merciless regime, depriving him of the comfort of his home and family.

If Zambians dont stand up to this dangerous and brutal régime.


Not too long from today our children in rags, on the the brink of death and starving will stand on our graves in chains and demand to know why we didn’t not stand up to a tyrant who has now made them slaves in their mother land?

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