Zambia Railways contractor clobbered for not paying workers

A works supervisor from Kaphil-JW, one of the many companies contracted to do railway rehabilitation by the broke Zambia Railways is nursing injuries after being beaten by his workers for not paying them for two months.

Kandemba Chingangu of Kabwe was cornered by his ex employees and dragged to the labour office where he pleaded with them saying that his company has not been paid by Zambia Railways for five months hence the delay but the uncompromising workers further dragged him to Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala’s office demanding to be paid.

When it became evident that the workers would not be paid because Zambia Railways has no money they became physical and unleashed blows and slaps on the defenceless Chingangu. Following his beating, the Watchdog has been informed that ZR management has started soliciting for money to clear the contractors for fear that the workers may now turn onto the railway company.

Last month we reported that Zambia Railways was broke and unable to pay the contractors working on the railway line because PF had siphoned huge sums of money to support President Edgar Lungu’s 2015 Presidential campaign.

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