Zambia Railways fails to pay salaries, as government syphons K5m

Zambia Railways workers countrywide have not been paid their March salaries because the company has no money and has been failing to meet traffic targets as major clients have lost confidence in the ill qualified management.

Major clients like Konkola Copper Mines have withdrawn business because of lack of faith in management led by company boss Christopher Musonda who has also raped the company by undervaluing assets and scrap which he has been buying with PF ministers like Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge.

As at close of business yesterday the railway company has only transported below 30,000 tonnes from the target 78,000 tonnes. The company equally doesn’t have money because Edgar Lungu’s PF government has not repaid the K5m which was borrowed to pay civil servants in January. The company has a monthly wage bill of about K800,000.

The company coffers have also been wiped by allowances being paid to the board led by PF Secretary General Davies Chama which has been sitting for the past two weeks and collecting huge allowances.

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