Zambia Railways MD Atanga fires staff after Watchdog Exposure

Zambia Railways Managing Director Muyenga Atanga has fired three senior workers and placed Director of Finance on appraisal with a view to fire him for suspected leaking information to the Zambian Watchdog about his continued abuse of resources in the company.

Pay roll Accountant Shadrick Sinyangwe, his assistant Baron Mulyandambo and Director Marketing Sydney Tembo received their termination letters signed by Atanga himself at 17:00hrs Friday while Director of Finance Elijah Nyirenda is due to be fired any time next month.

Late last month, ZWD exposed the government’s diversion of $40million out of the $120 million Eurobond to PF activities and some other glaring financial irregularities in the railway company which included financial donations to PF, awarding himself a K500,000 loan, failure to retire over-paid imprest and many other shoddy dealings but the expose annoyed Atanga and government who quickly launched documentaries in the state run media houses.

And Atanga is reportedly double dealing the PF and the opposition UPND by getting information from one party then passes it onto another. He has a child and a lasting relationship with Hildah Malasha, UPND central province trustee and maybe this is why he does not mind his wife Bridget’s flirting with Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

“Atanga has assured Hildah that he is UPND and often passes valuable information about PF to her which she in turn passes to her party but in the process also gets information from Hildah to take to Bridget whom she has cheated that she is only in the affair with Hildah to get information about UPND so that Bridget uses it to her advantage. You know when people are in love, they stop seeing reality but at the end of the day he is playing both women,” said the source.

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