Zambia Railways stinks; MD Attanga fails to retire $14,000 overdrawn imprest

The project to resuscitate Zambia Railways will not yield any tangible results due to rampant abuse of the $120 million Eurobond by company managing director Muyenga Attanga, well placed sources have told the Zambian Watchdog.

Last month, Attanga went to India for two and instead of getting the required $6,500 imprest, the thug CEO instructed company Director of Finance Elijah Nyirenda to pay him $14,000 which he has failed to retire and some workers have called on Nyirenda to resign or face disciplinary action from the accounting mother body, the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA). They wonder how Nyirenda, a full member of ACCA can allow himself to be manipulated by a party cadre.

“We are afraid that the fruits of the Eurobond will not be seen, that money is being abused with impunity. The DF has allowed himself to be abused by Attanga and we call upon the ZICA and ACCA to discipline their member, because this is daylight fraud. Nyirenda allowed Attanga to overdraw imprest, instead of the $6,500 he is entitled to he got $14,000 which he has failed to retire,” said the source.

The source also disclosed that the highest costs in the company now were lodging and fuel accounts as Attanga and his team just keeps malingering all over the land.

Attanga, the husband to PF deputy secretary general Bridget Attanga who also has a sexual relationship with Wynter Kabimba is a PF cadre placed to abuse resources from Zambia Railways to PF. In 2011 general elections, he contested the Kalabo central parliamentary seat which was won by UPND’s Miyutu Chinga (Check the ECZ website, 2011 Kalabo central elections results), we hereby reproduce the results in the elections where he was rejected.
Official Results of the 2011 Kalabo by elections

UPND – Miyutu Chinga – 5,958 – 42.44%
MMD – Mwapela Richard – 2,970 – 21.16%
ADD – Kalaluka Mubukwanu – 1,724 – 12.28%
PF – Muyenga Attanga – 1,583 – 11.28%
IND – Kakoma Queen – 1,317 – 9.38%
FDD – Mulope Kenneth – 107 – 0.76%
IND – Liemisa Liemisa – 83 – 0.59%

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