Zambia Railways workers strike looming over K27 billion unpaid dues

Zambia Railways workers strike looming over K27 billion unpaid dues

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 06.10.14Railway workers country wide are today or any day soon expected to begin a go slow to press for the payment of their accrued benefits which amount to about K27m. (K27 billion old currency).

Following the cancellation of the concession agreement with Railway Systems of Zambia (RSZ) in 2012, the PF government committed to payment of all the dues owed to former RSZ workers and Zambia Railways retrenches but to date none has been paid.

“The government has deliberately ignored our demands and yet they are spending money on costly by elections, Presidential trips, buying of defectors, bloated cabinet and other unnecessary things. Our union leaders have told us not to work today,” said a source.

And a Watchdog source at ministry of finance says there are no plans by the government to liquidate the amount because the government is broke in spite of earlier having allocated an amount from the US$120 m Eurobond for payment of the dues.

The source also disclosed that while government has neglected to pay the workers, board chairman Davies Chama demanded to have a brand new state of the art Toyota Land cruiser bought for him and is using a company driver and drawing fuel on company account while using the vehicle for personal use. But this is only a tip of the ice berg concerning the theft that Chama is perpetuating at the company together with a cartel of managers and directors.

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