Zambia ranked poorest country on earth

Zambia ranked poorest country on earth

Zambia has been ranked the poorest country in the world beating Gaza strip, Zimbabwe, Suriname and other contenders to the title. Qatar has been ranked the richest country in the world for 2014 – 2015.

Symbol of poverty.  This shaky bridge links Zambia to Malawi

Symbol of poverty. This shaky bridge links Zambia to Malawi

And contrary to lies, the most peaceful country is Iceland. Zambia does not even feature among the 10 or more peaceful countries. That ranking was lost after the PF introduced pangas and started hacking political opponents in the country.

Writing about Zambia, the report says:

‘Zambia is one of the leading producers of copper in the world and its economy mainly depends on the foreign investment in copper. Even though the country is equipped with industries like mineral processing, cement production and other agricultural related industries, it has the highest poverty ratio of 86%. It is the poorest country in the world in which seven out of ten people lives on less than two dollars a day and the average life expectancy in Zambia was 51 years.’

Chad is the fourth poorest country and the report says:
‘The Chad is a semi desert country which is suffered from internal conflicts and inadequate infrastructure. The health and social conditions are not better thus the country faces the poverty of 80%. The revenue of this country is mainly depending on oil exports, production of gold and uranium. People make use of their revenue to purchase weapons and it is the fourth poorest country in the world based on poverty.’

Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world and the report says:
‘Majority of population in Luxembourg depend on oil industries for their income. It is the second richest country in world 2015 due to highest per capita income and well developed industries which is a landlocked country in Western Europe. Till 1960 the industrial sector was dominated by steel and after few years it has diversified to include rubber, chemicals and other products. The financial service industries has attained maximum growth which made the country to transform from industrial economy to services and manufacturing economy. Well developed infrastructure and skilled workforce is considered as wealth of this country and it is largely free from corruption. The unemployment is low in Luxembourg when compared to the other countries in the world.’

The country can be said as poorest in the world as they have low per capita income, face poverty and low technological development. These countries will not have surplus resources to feed their population. People are living in the situation of hungry for food. There is less growth, unemployment and scare resources which made these countries as poorest.
Majority of the population lives in poverty as they are facing difficulty to meet their basic needs and day to day requirements. The United Nations Program for Development has taken three main aspects such as knowledge, longevity and access to resources, as an indicator to compare the quality of life and the development of human resources of the country. In this article you can find the top 10 poorest countries in the world 2015 based on the level of poverty.

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