Zambia records 13 covid 19 cases, the highest daily record so far

Zambia has recorded 13 new cases of covid 19 out of 811 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, the highest daily record from the time the first 2 cases were recorded in March this year.
The cases involve 4 health workers from Chilenje Hospital while 9 are contacts of known covid 19 patients all from Lusaka Province.
Cumulative cases are now 137 while active cases currently in admission are 59 with 78 total recoveries. There was no discharge recorded today.
There are indications that the cases being reported by Chitalu Chilufya on a daily basis are not actually for the past 24 hours as he reports but rather from a backlog of tests conducted several days ago.
And Chitalu Chilufya has insisted that the covid 19 samples that were on the Power Tools bus that was involved in an accident did not pose any risk to passengers because ‘they were packaged in a triple layer’ adding that there was one sample on board which has since been recovered and delivered to Ndola for testing.
He dodged questions challenging him to resign over the transportation of covid 19 samples on public transport and subsequent death of Ian Mutambo, a Laboratory Technician from Zambezi District Hospital who was taking the samples to Ndola for testing but died in the accident in Manyinga, by insisting that people should wait for investigations to be concluded and that the death should not be used to derail the so called achievements attained so far.

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