Zambia records 60 new covid 19 cases, cumulative goes to 832

Prof Mukonka

Zambia has recorded 60 new covid 19 cases from 495 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, according to today’s covid 19 update presented by Zambia National Public Health Institute Director Prof Victor Mukonka.
Muchinga Province accounts for the bulk of the cases with 48 cases that involve 4 health workers, 2 truck drivers who entered through Nakonde, 24 from community routine testing, 1 patient who presented at Isoka hospital and 17 contacts to known cases.
The cases from Muchinga Province were processed at the UTH lab in Lusaka while cases from the Copperbelt were processed at the Ndola lab where 8 truck drivers who entered via Nakonde border to deliver fuel to Indeni in Ndola tested positive.
Kitwe recorded 1 case involving a person who works in Nakonde but had gone to visit in Kitwe. Mpulungu has one case involving a bus conductor who operates on the Nakonde route.
Senga Hill also recorded 1 case with history of doing business in Nakonde while other cases were picked through routine testing in Kasama involving people with history of travel to Nakonde
Cumulative cases are now at 832. Five (5) patients were discharged from Levy Mwanawasa Hospital today.
A total of 4407 people have completed the two weeks mandatory quarantine and have been released.

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    Steve 2 weeks ago

    It’s all uphill from here onwards. Our President failed to buy us time by not shutting down the country. Our porous borders and communities freely mingling are destined to make our situation worse. The hotspots in Africa will probably be Tanzania, who out of embarrassment to their rising high numbers blamed the test, zambia and possibly Malawi too. The pretext that zambia is a landlocked country didn’t seem to matter to our friends in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Botswana to name a few who all had shutdowns resulting in very small infection rates. As they begin to lift their restrictions, these counties citizens will have a chance to survive as access to a vaccine or a drug is getting closer as scientists get closer to discovering cures and vaccines. In zambia, our numbers are rising too early before we have a chance to mitigate against the CORONA virus. ‘The new normal’ was abnormally managed with incompetence, lack of foresight and lack of leadership. If Zambians, God forbid, die from COVID-19 through community spread, blame it squarely on President Lungu’s head. And this is not a political statement, but a fact borne out of our president’s failure to guide and provide true leadership during this pandemic.