Zambia Reports, Watchdog mirror created by Reporters without Borders blocked as well

Access from within Zambia to the mirror of the Zambian Watchdog news website that Reporters Without Borders created yesterday to help circumvent government censorship was itself blocked within hours.


Internet users in Zambia have confirmed to Reporters Without Borders that the mirror site is now being blocked.

And the Zambian authorities have also blocked domestic access to a second independent Website www.zambiareports. Read the article in the Guardian of UK here


Reporters Without Borders is offering a complete archive of the Zambian Watchdog website to Internet users who would like to create their own mirror. It is available at  


To create and host a copy of the site, download the 407 Mb archive, transfer it to an online server and decompress the files in their own folder.


Then send us the newly-created mirror’s address and we will add it to the list of mirror sites:,41825.html

And Reporters Without Borders is appalled by the Zambian government’s blocking of access to Zambian Watchdog (, an independent news website based abroad, and by a wave of arrests and charges against journalists suspected of collaborating with the site.

Read the full reaction by the Paris based media freedom  orgainsatuion here

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