Zambia ‘s China first policy

Zambia ‘s China first policy


1. We shall give over 95% of RDA contracts to China
2. We shall exempt the Chinese financed projects from austerity measures
3. We shall give work permits to Chinese drivers, operators and civil engineers, even we have our own.
4. We shall chase NRDC from prime land and give it to China
5. We shall shortlist chinese companies and give over 90% of other infrastructure projects to China
6. We shall lease out ZNBC assets to Chinese company
7. We shall allow China to control the commercial operations of ZNBC
8. We shall give Chinese illegal miners amnesty
9. We shall pardon Chinese employee shooters
10. We shall recruit Chinese police reserves
11. China shall be free to dump cheap products in Zambia and hurt our industry
12. We shall allow China to build infrastructure and control operations for 50 years
13. We shall direct Times of Zambia to publish articles in mandarin even though no one can read mandarin
14. We shall even allow the Chinese to fly their flags at non-diplomatic premises
15. We shall provide segregated burial sites for the Chinese
16. There is nothing we can do about them, they are like roaches

What is going to follow?

A national anthem in chinese?
“Chang hang ching hong Chambia, Jackie Chan”

Recognition of chinese holidays? Is it one Zambia, two nations

Richard W

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