Zambia’ senseless third term debate

Zambia’ senseless third term debate


By Friday Kashiwa

In his wildest and wicked imaginations, Fredrick Titus Chiluba, second republic President, the self anointed political engineer and dribler, failed to push through his unconstitutional third term bid.

May His Soul Rest In Peace, and also, May His Failed Constitutional Manipulation Rest In Peace.

History repeats itself, because what we are witnessing now as Zambians is just some already failed senseless replica of the Chiluba’s attempt for third term and now mythical reincarnation of Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his hired cronies to test us Zambias about our patience, vigilance,
tolerance and intelligence

History repeats itself that as in Chiluba’s attempt for third term, Edgar Changes Lungu
also has now managed to massage and tame fake NGOs, fake men and women of god and gold, unprofessional and unpricipled men and women of the judiciary and the unprecedented biased legislature to peddle his third term bid.

Edgar Lungu, as a Chawama Lawyer knows that he is ineligible to stand for the third time or term, but he’s using his Hungry Lions, those political failures, The totally get rich fast men and women of god, some of them who are prominent clients in our courts of law for multiple divorces.

They were there during Chiluba’s failed attempt for third term and they have resurfaced now during Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s try for third term.

History repeats itself.. On 6th May 2001, President Fredrick Titus Chiluba dropped a bombshell when he caught his blind third term supporters pants down. Of course most from the East.

State House press conference Chiluba said; Am not going to stand.
I want to make it clear, clear, clear that am not standing for a third term. I also want to categorically state that, there will be no referendum to change the constitution to allow me to stand for third term. There can never be a referendum if am not standing.
This announcement caught all his supporters unware and there after they all disbanded their NGOs and One Man Churches and they all scampered in different directions, like the rats they eat.

History repeats itself, we are only in March 2020. Let those who believe in Edgar Lungu’s candidature remain dreaming..
Just peddlers of a very useless and myopic opinion.
Friday Kashiwa.

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