Zambia si nyoko – AB tells Kambwili

Andrew Banda (AB) says Chishimba Kambwili should shut up and allow citizens to discuss the President’s health. And Andrew says Zambians are yet to see the worst of the PF government.
“Chishimba Kambwili should just shut up; we all have a stake in this country. If things go wrong, we must criticise. Kambwili cannot stop us from debating the President’s health. Zambia si dziko ya anyina olo awisi Kambwili, koma ni ya tonse (Zambia does not belong to Kambwili’s mother or father; it’s for all of us),” he said. “Let him shut his big mouth. We are not in the Idi Amin era for Kambwili to stop us from debating the President’s health. This is a democracy that Zambians fought for.” Andrew said Kambwili would have been “nasty” if Hakainde Hichilema or Edith Nawakwi were in President Lungu’s situation. “They were saying a lot of things when [Levy] Mwanawasa was sick, they called him cabbage; they were saying things openly. Who stopped them? Even Mwanawasa himself allowed them to speak as they pleased, so who is Kambwili to tell us to stop debating the issues that are affecting us?” he asked. “We wish him (President Lungu) well. Even at personal level, I pray for him to recover. We know that there is a problem and we cannot pretend. Even in the PF, there is debate about the President’s health issue, so Kambwili must shut his big mouth. He is not in his house to be behaving like that. Even at home, if you start behaving like Kambwili, children rebel. Iyi Zambia si ya anyina olo awisi ba Kambwili.”

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