Zambia’ so called investors

Zambia’ so called investors

Kamwala shops-Lebanese
Banks-nigerians,southafricans, Brits
Shopping Malls-South africans
Mobile networks-arabs,southafricans
Zambia sugar-brits, s.africans
Mine contractors-chinese,safricans-boers
Trade kings-indian
Carlifornian beverages-indian
Mulungushi textiles-chinese
And now, Zambian oil-British

We still want foreign investors? To do what exactly? Shouldn’t we be building the capacity of our local investors?

The problem with zambians is we misunderstand development. We seem to think because the shopping mall looks beautiful, then there is development. No, the opposite is actually true. We used to have markets, in those markets we had zambians selling merchandise. Today we donate all that money to building sky scrappers in Johannesburg and our business people have lost business.

An indian friend once told me “i am more zambian than you because we own more than zambians do in zambia ”

Calling for foreign investment is a remnant of a colonialist mindset. What we should be doing is creating zambian owned shareholding and where necessary, we could get a management company to manage that entity.



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