Zambia’ so called investors

Kamwala shops-Lebanese
Banks-nigerians,southafricans, Brits
Shopping Malls-South africans
Mobile networks-arabs,southafricans
Zambia sugar-brits, s.africans
Mine contractors-chinese,safricans-boers
Trade kings-indian
Carlifornian beverages-indian
Mulungushi textiles-chinese
And now, Zambian oil-British

We still want foreign investors? To do what exactly? Shouldn’t we be building the capacity of our local investors?

The problem with zambians is we misunderstand development. We seem to think because the shopping mall looks beautiful, then there is development. No, the opposite is actually true. We used to have markets, in those markets we had zambians selling merchandise. Today we donate all that money to building sky scrappers in Johannesburg and our business people have lost business.

An indian friend once told me “i am more zambian than you because we own more than zambians do in zambia ”

Calling for foreign investment is a remnant of a colonialist mindset. What we should be doing is creating zambian owned shareholding and where necessary, we could get a management company to manage that entity.




  • ZNBC Chinese ?

  • Sex: Zimbabweans

  • Here it’s nothing personal. A word of wisdom coming from an enemy, a mad person or a baby remains wisdom.
    Indigenous Zambian should work harder for sure.
    Timely article and reminder

  • Very wise post. Can we wake up Zambians!

  • What a pathetic feeble article. No backing whatsoever in its narrative. Tisk tisk

  • Its worrying. Let there be conditions. For example, every mine investors to build at least 1 university, 1 secondary school and 1 primary school within 5 years of operations. Involve communities as stake holders. Take it or leave it. Only serious people should come.
    At least our people will get educated and run those mines in future.

  • For the first time I agree with the ZWD. I also wonder why some people want more foreigners in Zambia.

  • i wish thinking could be stack on the walls of majority of the zambian brains…

  • Guys guys the business environment in Zambia favours foreigners or Zambians of foreign descent at the expense we the indigenous people. Wouldn’t it be better for indigenous people to own these malls, multimillion companies and including the oil exploration licenses but alas for Zambia all these are in foreign hands leaving we the people at the bottom of the pyramid scrambling for crambs. Of course we as a people are partly to blame for this (laziness, crookedness, lack of will power etc) but l think certain sectors of the economy must be exclusive to black indigenous peole only.

  • You don’t have a choice in the matter, when you’re poor and have no money, you’re powerless!

  • Good company count, nothing is wholly Zambian nowadays ;even if the inscription might be Zambian on the product,the person manufacturing it is never Zambian.It really makes me sad,because the rotten core of this whole matter is always the top leadership.One question which again comes to mind is how do Zambians fail to run their own businesses, like the copper mines ??? For zambian leaderships to be seen to do something,it means inviting investors from out side,why can’t we do it on our own.

  • ZWD ndiye kusoba vochita manje. All Indians or Chinese are foreigners to you

  • we are so bad at business as a nation.. timadyela kumodzi na capital. we are not disciplined in business..just a K10,000 cash in a mobile account ninshi maule yavutika..leave these people free..they are serious with what hey do.

  • who gives them permits at the airports or borders?

  • The problem with us zambians is laziness,we all want white color jobs.secondly,we are not inovative such that we cant even begin enterprenuership and employ others.thirdly,we dont know how 2 suport others who have good ideas bcoz of a pull him down to me the bigest problem is not the GRZ but us people.whosoever seems to make it in life is termed to be a (satanist) why? but if the same person gives u money u accept eee! siyani jealouse imwe bantu.let us support each other to achieve a comon goal…..end of thought.

  • It’s not the foreigners fault. It’s the Zambian fault. we like easy money hence can’t venture into business that will not give you quick profit. Look at the difference between a neighbourhood Mini mart owned by a Zambian and that owned by a Rwandese. Learn something instead of complaining all the time.

  • Zambians would rather buy from a foreignerthan buy from a fellow Zambian.They don’t euen base this on quality.We don’t trust each other.The school of mines has been there at unza from incerption.You wonder why we have not produced men and women who can run our mines efficiently and effectively.We haue institutions that offer business studies but why don’t we put this practice?Maybe the power that be must build learning institutions to teach people the need to change their mindsets,Call them ‘schools of mindset change.’Watchdog bravo!You are right.

  • When a Zambian begins some businesses fellow Zambians will call hin Satanists.They will call him all sorts of names in order to pull him down.

  • After independence most Zambian schools had indian teachers,universities had foreign professors,import export was facilitated by foreigners which has all been passed over to fellow native Zambians who have succeeded at international levels we are driving cars,building roads and are connected with the world(internet). In short im using my phone and you manage to read my message all due to foreign investment..

  • am ashamed to be zambian, its so unfortunate that zambians except me en a few respect these uselss foreigners instead of a fellow zambian, I get irritated when I see the stupid lebanese so called inverstors sellin samusas en exploiting our women, the chinese building everything in zambia, bt by the end of the day I always say south africans are the most brain washed, since they r so blinded that they can burn fellow africans 4 doin nothing when the stupid boers r still puttin them in coffins when they still alive.

  • And I quote : ZNBC – Chinese, end of quote. Hahahahahaha morning made..

  • Why is it that imported potatoes and oranges look healthier than the local ones?.
    What could be the secret.