Zambia: Sondashi Formula Cures Copperbelt HIV Patient?

A COPPERBELT-BASED resident claims that the Sondashi Formula HIV drug has cured him as all the tests he is taking now indicate that he is negative.

The man, who did not want be identified publicly, although his personal details were verified by this author, said he tested HIV+ on July 1, 2005 and was given all the options by medical personnel in Kitwe on whether to start ARVs or not.

He said he started taking the ARVs the same year and much later, his wife also tested positive of the HIV virus.

Displaying his (authentic) negative results from Nkanza Laboratory in Lusaka dated 14-05-13, the man said he had also taken tests from other health centres and the results were the same.

“As you can see, Nkanza Laboratory actually puts it on paper where they indicate negative or positive apart from those other medical figures that they put,” he said.

“I am so happy because I think I have broken a record for Dr Sondashi’s drug. I only took it for four months because I started taking it on January 21 this year and I doubt if there is anyone else who has been cured in such a short period of time. I hear others have to take the drug for at least six months and above for them to get positive results,” he said.

He was thankful to the Sunday Times of Zambia through the AIDS Corner column, saying he read about the Sondashi Formula in the newspaper and immediately contacted Dr Sondashi’s employees and on January 21, he started taking the drug.

He appealed to people involved in coming up with treatment drugs for ailments such as HIV not to always cry to Government for assistance but try other available options.

He said they should instead work flat out to assist the hundreds of people in need of treatment.

“The AIDS Corner column has had good articles on various herbal medicines developed locally and overseas. For the locals, I always read that they are appealing to Government for assistance. They have the formulae but why appeal for assistance instead of going into mass production to help the many people out there. They should also be able to pass on their knowledge to others,” he said.

He said they could also use the Church, schools, traditional leaders and many others to ensure that the drugs were abundantly available on the market.

“Before the Sondashi Formula, my CD4 count was never above 423 but now it is at 717 and, mind you, I took the CD4 count test when I had malaria and naturally, when you are unwell, your CD4 drops. So my actual CD4 count should be well above 717. I am healthy and fit, though I have not stopped taking the ARVs as well,” he adds.

He said he did not want to disclose his name for fear of stigmatising his children who at this stage, may not grasp with what he has had to go through due to living with HIV.

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